3-1-2 Fertilizers

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  1. hey guys i was using atami series so far and got decent results. (half a gram per watt, 3-4 toppings, defoliation)

    i was thinking to try botanicare or dyna gro as a 3-1-2 base fert, what do guys think? which extra nutes will i need for flowering?

    thanks a lot

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  2. Hit up YouTube and look for vids by NPKUniversity. It's not the most exciting stuff to watch and listen to, but you get an in depth, comprehensive teaching about the plant and it's nutritional needs from seed to harvest. In order to use nutrients to your benefit, you have to understand the plant and what it's doing during the different phases of it's life and the specific nutrients that will boost it as it progresses through them. No matter how pretty the bottle, how fancy the label or how wonderful the advertising....inside those bottles is basically the same stuff...just at a higher price. Get down to the basics of the minerals and elements, etc., so you truly understand what you're working with.
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  3. thanks ww. ill def watch it tonight and agree with you about commercial products.. im not ready to mix my own solution and this is why i was asking about the loe cost fertilizers

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