2x4x5 tent 750W LED. Lemon S + Blueberry H

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  1. i am starting this journal one week into flower. apologies for that.


    300W GalaxyHydro LED
    450W VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED
    2x4x5 vivosun tent
    VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Duct Inline Fan
    FoxFarm Soil
    3 Gallon smart pots
    Advanced nutrients jungle juice, magical, ph things.

    plants:I started with 3 clones from a friend.
    1 blueberry headband on the left
    2 Mystery plants. A strain of lemon. the two on the right.

    He just gave me the solo cups. i had no choice but to take them. Then, i had to decide if i wanted to let them go in the window and see what happens,or, i could do this for real. i mean there's a picture of ph adjustment solution above, so i guess we know which path i chose.

    i can cook. i can brew beer. lets see how this goes.
  2. ill do a post for each week i've missed so far to catch up:
    Week 1(june 15-22)
    the first round of equipment arrives.
    -300w light, grow tent, small fan, smart pots, soil, nutes
    plants get a new home.

    from this point on, the blueberry will always be the middle plant.

    A cool fact about these clones is that they were taken from a flowering plant. you can even see the bud on the early blueberry pics. this meant that the stems were kind of mangled and were growing more than one branch in multiple directions. this actually worked out nicely.

    back to it.

    After signs of strong growth the next few days, the largest branches were topped, some were fimmed. i didn't know what i was doing really.

    they also got their first feeding that day:
    basil friend! time is short for you.
    the plants are growing exactly as the friends and internet said they would. nice.

    more equipment!!!
    450W light, inline fan (it gets really humid in my basement), ducting.
    new light setup shot 6/21:

    first worry was this leaf
    this was an old leaf and had nothing to do with the plant's current state. good lesson there

    here's how we ended week 1, 6/22:
    in just a week these plants made tons of progress given the stress of transplantation and topping/fimming.

    the basil plant is not doing well. it needs water more often because it has a tiny pot. sorry buddy.

    week 2 next.
  3. Week 2 (jun 23 - jun 30)
    decent growth. not sure the fims were working

    some branches were getting taller than others. i decided to start training with ties. here is what it looked like from the side and top

    also, i fucked up here. i bent two branches too hard and broke some of the outer skin:

    i used drinking straws as splints and hoped for the best. it worked out and they ended up being huge knuckles later on.
    I did a lot of tying this week. trying to keep the tops level:

    every time i bent it, the plants recovered. at the end of week two,they really started taking off:
    i fed them once this week and watered them once this week.

  4. Week 3 (jul 1 - 7)

    the week began with droopy plants. i went away and didn't realize they were needing more and more water.
    7/2: bye basil

    you may also notice some sticks in each plant. i did some math to figure out big i could let the plants get. and with a 2.5 stretch, i would need to switch to flower at about 10'' off the soil. Those sticks are showing that height, so i can bend branches and keep a level canopy while knowing when to stitch to flower.

    sure enough, the next day, the canopy rose over the sticks and the time came to prepare for flower.
    i would trim the plants and then transition the light to 12/12 over the next 3 nights.

    here are the trimming picks from 7/3:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the next day...

    after the transition to 12/12

  5. Week 4 (July 8 - July 15)
    here's the tent at the start of the week. I (poorly) put in a net to help space out the tall branches evenly - not so much to train them as they're taking up the whole tent now.
    7/10: approaching the net

    the stretch is well underway. i can see hairs 2 days later - one week into flower

    starting feeding/watering every other day. introduced big bud into my nute mix.
    3 days ago, the tops were barely at the netting. here is the side view a week into flower.

    the stretch continues. here's weeks end:
  6. I saw some fungus gnats, so i got a dehumidifier and a fan for under the canopy.
    i also broke a branch. i am an idiot. i was being very not gentle moving a branch into a new square and it broke. lesson learned. BE CAREFUL.

    another day, way more growth.
  7. Fed the plants last night. They took two gallons. Big bud is now in the mix at 7.5ml per gallon.

    The stretch continues. Sativas more than the indica obviously
    7/17: [​IMG]

    Here's a bud shot:
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  8. Another watering today. No nutes.

    I also raised the net because it was so low it was becoming useless.

    They're looking good!

  9. Haven't posted in a while. not much going on on this site it seems. oh well.

    Started a schedule of giving the plants water once every two days. alternating nutrients and just magical. Sometimes i will delay the watering a day if the plants aren't too light yet.

    as i get into the flowering stage, i've added Big Bud to the nutrient mix. Here's how many mL/Gallon i am doing:
    big bug-7.6

    leaf Issues
    I also have found some issues on the leaves of the blueberry plant and can't seem to figure out what it is. i checked for broad mites using a 100x microscope and found nothing. It doesn't seem to be getting worse and its not on the other plants. so i am not worrying about it at the moment, just leeping an eye on it (8/1). here's a same of that:
  10. time for a trim
    3 weeks into flower, i remove all the small bud branches that are not coming close to reaching any light.
    following the trim: it all looks nice

    I encountered three levels of stretching here. the two lemon plants on the outside stretched way more than the blueberry. Thats to be expected based on the outside two being way more sativa than the blueberry in the middle. The lemon under the 300w light stretched about 5-10% more than the one under the 450w light.
    to get the blueberry back into the canopy game, i propped her up with some boxes. it worked nicely.


    buds developing nicely. i think stretching is over now.

  11. No more leaf issues found. woo!
    i did get a bunch of anti-mite and pest items that i won't be using for now.
    what i will be using is this mister, thing is great:


    lights off photo. can't wait for these buds to start fattening

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