2x Royal Dwarf, 1x Easy Bud. First CFL grow

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  1. Hi,

    This is a growlog of our first grow.

    Our setup is:
    5x 20W CFL lights (Philips Tornado 2700K)
    Cupboard 60x60x70cm (24x24x28")
    3.5l pots
    3 plants, 2x Royal Dwarf and 1x Easy Bud (Royal Queen Seeds)
    Ventilation straight to the roof
    We plan to keep our plants on 18/6 hours light during the whole grow.

    Right now we're at day 36 since planting the seeds and day 32 since we first saw them above ground.

    Around day 30 (since planting) we saw the first signs of blooming. On the Easy Bud and on both of the Royal Dwarfs (even the one that looks rather bad).

    I've attached some photos of our setup and the individual plants. In the next post I'll show you our latest photos. The photos attached now are from day 4 and day 17.

    Any comments or questions are greatly appreciated.

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  2. Here are the pictures of day 31.

    I've noticed that some stems of the plants (both RD and Easy Bud) tend to look dark red. Mostly where the leaves attach to the stems. Is this normal? Or does it point to a problem of some sort?

    I'll try to upload some more detailed pictures of this tonight.

    But for now Day 31.
    The order is: an overview (photo 1), Royal Dwarf #1 (2 & 3), Royal Dwarf #2 (4 & 5), Easy Bud (6 to 10).

    edit: I've noticed my thread is better suited for the micro section. Is it possible to move it?

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  3. I have one RD on day 52 and some stems, the ones that are most exposed to the light are dark or bright red.

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