2x Blue Cheese 1x White Dwarf

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    This is my first time growing cannabis:D. i bought two blue cheese and 1 white widow seeds. there 20 days old.I'm using 4x 6400k CFL'S for the grow. here's the first pics. sorry about the picture quality.

    4th June 2009

    Pic 1- White Dwarf
    pic 2- Blue cheese Num1
    pic 3- Blue cheese Num2
    pic 4- Blue cheese Num2
    pic 5- Blue Cheese Num1

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  2. Just picked up some of them blue cheese aswell got them off the attitude? you? will be intrested to see how these turn out as ive just germinated and planted one which is three days in, will have to post a blog and compare results. got some blue widow to cant wait to see them when there done. Germinating it today should be sound the cheese took less than two days to crack and chuck her tap root out hope the widows the same. any more info on them would be grate like soil, nutes, ph ec etc although i dont bother with the last two you got a fan on them?
  3. hi tipstrips i got my seeds from pick N mix seeds all feminized. i did a lot of things wrong in the begining and almost killing 1 of my Blue cheese. but 1 of my blue cheese is flowering at the moment. the smell is great. your plants will probably be better then mine depends on what light your using i'm gonna get a HPS soon so should see better results. i put another 4 CFL'S on mine so the cheese is looking healthier and better then before. its a really short plant mine is only 17inch tall but it has another 25 days to flower. im gonna start using some BIO BIZZ nutes soon heard the pretty good and not too expensive.i've added a pic sorry about the pic quality. anyway tell me how your grow turns out. thanks :wave:

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  4. good luck sir.

    I have some blue cheese currently, and its some amazing bud. def a very nice mellow head high, but it lasts for quite some time.
  5. Thanks khemist89 are your blue cheese flowering? How does it look just want to know what I might get at the end of the flowering process that's if your plants ahead of mine. Anyway give me a shout if you upload pics of your blue cheese on grasscity :wave:
  6. I actually bought some from the dispensary. I JUST smoked the last of it, but if was definitely some of the better bud ive had in the last few months.

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