2part thread - droughts and blunts

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I fucking hate droughts. Al thats been floating around here is dirt weed and Kush.

    I don't smoke dirt..... and I can't afford kush.

    I'm a mids head.... I love my mids.... don't get me wrong I fucking love dank... but my pockets don't.

    I finally get a lil dimebag of some good mids yesterday and its 1.5g. This dudes dimes are usually 2. He said he's been having to pay alot more for weed lately so he knocked them down .5 so he didn't have to jack up the price. I was cool with that.... I just wanted to get high.

    Well, we smoked a fat ass blunt of that shit (he threw down on it cause we were gonna match, but only had one 'rello) and I was fucking blasted last night. I was so high I couldn't have sex...lol.... I kept geting confused.

    Also, I have a mini swisher and a regular garcia y vega. I can't decide which to use........

    First comment I'll go with........
  2. that'll do it. lol

  3. Enjoy it :) It would be a shame to use a Swisher on some goodie like that :)
  4. lol

    never EVER had a drought

    of weed at least

    i don't know what i would do if i couldn't get my nugs

    i'd prolly go crazy er sometin
  5. There's been tons of headies around and I couldn't be happier

    I wouldn't put it in a blunt though...it needs to be savored one bowl at a time
  6. I've been feeling too lazy to smoke a bowl... I just wanna sink into the couch and barely move lol.... even sober.

    I had to use the fucking swisher. My gf texts me and says to save her some. So I had to use the mini. Damn it.... At least I hadn't split the garcia yet...
  7. theres nothing as good as a delicious slow burning blunt with some good in there. yummy. <3
  8. ^^Hell yeah. And all my blunts burn slow.

    People come over and roll blunts that go around once with 4heads..... wtf?

    I don't even know how to roll a blunt like that... not that I'm trying...
  9. what? 4 heads? 1 rotation? you gotsta be joking. thats a disgrace, glad your dutches dont burn like that gimme...shit. talk about a waste of herb.

  10. WTF?

    i can roll a .7 joint that'll go around 4 heads

    at LEAST 3-4 times

    some people should not be rolling

    or they should get better
  11. i wud go with the garcia-if i could change it i make it a green leaf-they burn slower
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    Garcia is a green leaf.

    I used the swisher originally, but my homie ended up here because he got locked out when he went to get a blunt. I had the garcia, he had the weed. We got high.

    Life is good.


    We were passing around that garcia for a full episode of drawn together......
  13. my BFF in NC, that heiffer can roll a game or a dutch that will burn for 45+ minutes.

    Everytime I go up there I get her to roll some for me, since they are like a seldom delicacy.

    My niece can roll a mean blunt too, though.
  14. I have never been offered mids or shwagg.

    All there is, is dank.

    But sometimes i wish i could have some mids to roll up
  15. Droughts suck, a lot. I'm getting one of the biggest paychecks I've ever gotten in my life on Friday and I don't even know if I'll be able to find anything in this area. It sucks, I call up everyone I know and nothing...and when I finally do find something the most that they've got is like 1/8.

    I think I might have to take a drive to go visit some friends that live farther away but have more reliable connects and just get a decent amount to last for a little while.

    Maybe I could find something at work too, who knows...I'm going to try giving that a shot.

    I was thinking of getting a new piece Friday too...but I don't want to get a new piece and not have any bud to smoke in it, that's just a tease.

    and can roll a mean one too:smoking:

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