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2nd hand high possible?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dylan Dude, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Okay so i decided to quit weed last year, haven't smoked since the 4th of july, used to smoke all the time. It often makes me very anxious and depressed these days, sadly lol

    But anyways, last night i was with my friends at a bar and they went to go hotbox their car outside and i decided to join them even though i wasn't going to smoke. Three of my friends smoked a full blunt in this car and we had the windows closed the whole time. I literally started coughing just from sitting in there. It was hard to breath. When i got out of the car my throat was literally burning, felt like i just smoked.

    Then i started to feel weird. I started to wonder if i was partly high just from sitting in the car. I wondered if it was just placebo though but it really felt like it, like i wouldn't even be thinking about it at all and then i'd be like, woah, i feel weird. It definitely felt like i was a little high. And at this point my tolerance would be extremely low.

    So what do you guys think? Is this possible? Or was it placebo?
  2. Extremely possible. Mainly because of the small enclosed area.

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  3. Of course a 2nd hand high is possible. You were hotboxing, and the whole point of that is to get high because you're breathing it in constantly, which is what you were doing.

    Do you honestly believe that your body cares whether the smoke you just breathed in came from you sucking on a blunt or from you just breathing it in the air? Your body does not know, it does not care. Pot smoke is pot smoke.
  4. Lol I just thought that once the smoke had been inhaled into someone's lungs that all the THC would have been absorbed into their lungs and that any exhaling smoke wouldn't be able to get you high. Maybe that's not true. Also the smoke from the blunt that didn't get inhaled probably filled the car up as well.
  5. I got high a few times just from sitting at my desk grinding up my smoke for the night, definitely is possible
  6. You don't get all the THC when you inhale, and of course the blunt is continuing to smoke. The ENTIRE point of hotboxing is to be in an environment full of THC smoke.
  7. Interesting lol I always knew that was why people hotboxed but I thought it was a myth that it actually worked and that people just did it for fun and to pretend that they were getting even higher by doing it
  8. I got high looking at pictures of bud.
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  9. Brah you post this in seasoned tokers? Never heard of hot boxing?

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