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  1. So im new on here but decided id like to post the setup im currently using that I just started 5 new babies in. All barnys farm. LSD, Liberty Haze, Tangerine Dream, Violator Kush, and Jack. Currently using around 230 actual wattage?(not all cfls shown in pic) Soilless mix using foxfarm nutrients(super excited since ive never used nutes before haha:hello:) Going to be transplanting them into bigger pots and using ocean forest. These are obviously going to be moved into a bigger flowering room since this cabnet is way to small for 5 plants..just vegging and some LST in here. I kinda need some suggestions on ventilation..lacking funds unfortunately though. Let me know what ya think, will post updates on these girls.
  2. what i did for my room that is 18 dx 40 wx 30 h i just asked ppl and hit up craigslist looking for old desktop computers and i got three or four of them all for free and that produced 8 fans and to power them i found a bunch of old cell phone chatgers in my house lol the run pretty awesome
    whats the size of your box
  3. Thats exactly what I did!..well to a point haha, I have 2 computer fans together pulling the hot air out the top of the cabnet..and a 6" desk fan blowing from where the pots are sitting. The cabnet showed above is about 5 1/2' tall, 29" wide, and 22" deep. Currently in process of trying to build a 4x4x6' flowering room for these ladies.
  4. i am finding issues though with my temps i was trying to find someone who knows about 12v conversion to 110 cuz i got a blower motor i wanna use since my pc fans are keeping temps at about 85-90 not good
  5. I was having the same issue when using my 1000w HPS for flowering, but didnt know that was too high:confused: right now im only using CFLs so its not that bad..but when i get to flowering ill need a intake van or something more powerful for sure!
  6. i am having this heat issue with only 125 cfl with a reflector and i havent even hooked up the secondary lighting i am almost scared to lol considering the heat already and ya you want it around 75ish with a couple three dergrees wiggle room

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