2nd Grow with Solar Window (Pot of Gold, Blue Moonshine Boss Hogg)

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    I just started my second grow with two clones, Blue Moonshine and Boss Hogg as well as one seedling, Pot of Gold. About a week a go I harvested some Blue Dream and Buddha's Sister that were grown in my solar window. Right now, they do about 8-9 hours in straight sunlight and then about 12 hours under two 100w t8 bulbs as well as a 100w CFL. I know, weird light schedule but it works for now until I can afford an HPS lamp.
    I originally just bought two clones (BD & BS) and put them up in the Solar window for an experiment. That's what I'm currently smoking on now.. I haven't began to use Veg. Nutrients yet, when do you think I should start with that? Thank you guys! Aaaaand, HELLO FROM COLORADO!

    Clones were planted on January 2nd, 2014.
    Seedling sprouted sometime just before Christmas.
    Picture of the Boss Hogg coming very soon!

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