2nd grow questions / comments

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sam2020, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Hi

    starting my 2nd grow soon and would like to run it by some of you for comments

    I'm using a 400 watt hps and am using hydroponics, will be growing 5 plants in the hydro, and was thinking of growing 2 along side in soil and that vermicite stuff, (height woould of coarse be similar), as I would like to use one of the plants grown in soil for a mother plant, that is considering one of them is a female, had good luk the last grow with 6 females out of 7 plants, not hoping for that again but hopeful that one will be female

    wot do u think so far?

  2. r u growing from clone or seed?

    if from clone then ur plan is a gud 1.

    if from seed then wot i do is clone all the plants b4 i flower them, label the clones and the plants i took them from and after i have flowerd the seed plants i know wot clone(s) to use as mothers.

    still grow the extra 2 plants in soil if u have the room, just remember when picking ur mother that they wont b as good as the hydro plant even if the genes r better, its the good genes ur after for ur mother.

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