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  1. First grow with bag seed went great. So I ordered, recieved and germed 10 feminized WW from A.M.S. There at the end of there 2nd week of veg. and are growing nicely, however, at the end of the daily light cycle 18/6 they become very droopy. After the 6 hours of dark there back to being perky. The light cycle is from 3p.m. to 9a.m. so usually the last time I see them is at 11p.m. and they look great, all fan leaves are perked up and all plants seem happy. So somewhere between 11p.m. and 6a.m. they droop (badly). The bag seed from the first grow did not do this. Whats the problem, Please help.

    My set-up.

    4x4 tray
    eeb and flow
    1000w air cooled 24" above plants
    6" rockwool
    1/4" cocotek mat
    hydroton rock
    GH 3 part expert formula 1440ppm @.7
    res. temp. 68
    ph 5.8 to 6.1
    temp at plant level 72
  2. Forgot to put in one (atleast ) important thing.

    I'm feedind 1x a day for 7 min. it takes a total of 15min to fill and drain. Ifeed at 3p.m. when the light turns on. thanks for the help.
  3. any advice will be appreciated
  4. Is that 72 temp level at lights on or at the end of the lighting cycle. I would suspect heat first anyway, but if you are really at 72 degrees than that shouldn't be the problem. Is your medium drying up at all between feedings and/or how hot is the medium getting. You may need to raise the lamp some until the leaves start to shade out the medium a little more or increase your flood cycles. 1 single flood cycle per day seems pretty spare to me, but if it worked for you before I could see how you would hesitate to change it. Maybe the strain likes more moisture.


  5. 72 deg. is a pretty constant temp in the room. not sure if the rockwool is drying out completely or not , the top of the rockwool seems dry however not sure about all the way thru. the rockwool never seems to hot
  6. Since it sounds like all your other conditions are fine, I would suspect they are drying out a bit too much. When darkness causes them to perk back up, it is a moisture issue. One feed cycle does seem a little weak, maybe bump it up to 2 or 3 shorter ones. This would also help prevent things from drying out so much.
  7. 72 degrees, is a bit on the low side, I wouldnt say dangerous yet, but cause for concern.

    I wouldn't worry about the droopyness, my plants do the same thing, whats important is that theyre perking back up.

    Also, I would suggest feeding them closer to the middle of their "lights on" time. That way you'll be feeding them when they most need it, when theyre busy bodies in that light..

  8. thanks I'll give it a try tonight

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