2nd Grow, Defoliate or Wait?

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  1. Second grow. I have 11 clones in a 4X4X8 tent. Attempting sea of green method. They are in one gallon pots now. I topped them once a week ago (didnt do that my last grow-hopefully i did it right). I started lst yesterday. I plan on repotting them into 3 gallon pots when ready. I have a trellis net but have not set it up yet. Should i take off the big fan leaves or just tuck them out of the way? Also, how soon should i flower so that i have enough space? Using 1000 watt hps light. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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  2. I personally........................wouldn't take anything yet....they are still small enough that entire plants are getting light, for the most part.....Id just tuck a few away if they seem to be in the way of "alot" of the plant
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  3. Still too small to defoliate. I only defo around the 2 week flower mark. I only remove fan leaves blocking bud sites
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  4. I had an unintended experiment run with a few autos this outdoor season, and it pretty much settled my opinion on defoliation being key to the best bud development.

    Essentially in early flower(just showing pistils) I had one of my plants almost die from overwatering after being out in a bad spot in the rain and in a crappy pot with terrible drainage. It had a bunch of leaves shrivel right up and die, and ended up with very little foliage. The rest of the plants were very bushy indica looking girls and even with the LST and tucking I had done it was clear that the foliage was super dense.

    In the end the half dead plant has battle back, and has some super tight buds that look great, and almost ready to harvest. The other plants have some good looking buds but they are nowhere near as dense, and seem to be spaced out around stems reaching outwards rather than growing vertically together.

    Due to almost dieing and the inevitable stunting that followed I think that the yields will be similar but the buds just look so much better on the half dead plant. If it had been defoliated slowly without so much stress I am sure it would produce better than the others. I was hesitant to do anything other than a single main stock bend on these guys as they are my fist grow and being autos of course, but with my next grow I will def be more aggressive on the LST and defoliate if plants look like they could use it.
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