2nd grow. Coco, Hempy's, LED. Nirvana Northern Lights and Blue Mystic

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  1. :wave:Hello everyone. This is my 2nd grow and 2nd journal here on GC. I hope to improve my method and my results this round. So, any advice, comments, etc. as I go along would be a great help and much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here's what I'm doing.

    Strains- Nirvana Fem Northern Lights and Nirvana Fem Blue Mystic. Same strains as last grow.

    4 plants in 2 gallon Hempy pots. 2 of each strain.

    Medium- Canna coco coir and perlite. 3:1 coco/perlite mix. Bottom 2" res in the hempy's all perlite.

    Nutes- GH Flora Micro Hard Water, Grow, Bloom, Florablend, Floranectar, Diamond Nectar. Botanicare Calmag Plus, ZHO.

    Grow space- Cabinet with 2 chambers. Each chamber is approx. 2' x 2' x 4.5'.

    Lighting- 4x Hydroponics Hut Progrow 180W LED lights. 2 LED lights in each chamber. 8x 23W CFL side lighting. 4 CFL's per chamber.

    Ventilation- Passive intake approx. 5'x 8" screened vent in the bottom of each chamber. 6" inline fan with carbon filter (one fan to handle both chambers via a Y connector duct).

    Here's a pic of the set up. Just using one LED in each chamber for now. Will increase to two LED's in each chamber later when the plants are bigger. Will be adding more pics all the way through with updates. I'm 8 days from the plants sprouting out of the coco. So I'll add more pics and info shortly to get my journal here up to date with where I'm at. Thanks for checking out my grow. Peace.

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  2. Yeah. I love NL grows.
  3. Here's pics at day 6.

    Sat. 10/01. Day- 6. Temp 80, RH 55%.

    Two sets of leaves. Third set starting. Plants about 1" tall. Lightly watered with one gall. of our well water. Base TDS 250 ppm. PH 7. Added ph down at 5.5ml. PH 5.8.

    All measurements per 1 gallon.

    GH Flora micro 1ml, grow 2ml, bloom 1ml. Florablend 2ml, Diamond Nectar 2ml, Calmag 2 ml.

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  4. Thanks SmurfyBH.

    Mon. 10/03. Day 8.

    Temp 81. RH 30%.

    Three sets of leaves. Fourth starting. Watered with one gallon divided between for all four pots. Upped the nutes a little just like this stage last grow.

    GH Flora micro 2ml, grow 5ml, bloom 2ml. Florablend 5 ml, Daiamond Nectar 5 ml, Calmag 5 ml.

    This is where they started taking off last grow. I hope it happens again. Thanks for checking out my grow. Any advice, comments, etc. always welcome. Cheers.

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  5. Really interested in led grows subbd gl.
  6. I just checked out your first grow. Very nice harvest. I did coco last run and I can't decide what to do this time around. The hempy sounds easy enough, but I still can't decide.

    Good luck this time around. :)
  7. Thanks Monkeyman0 and ManNamedJed.

    I love hempy's with coco. It is easy. I'm going to check out your coco grow (third grow) in your sig. I'm always lookin to learn. Thanks man.
  8. Not really a "journal" like my first one. I didn't have time and just uploaded harvest shots and smoke reports.

    My 3 grows are all in one thread btw.
  9. Here until the end man. Excited to see what you can do!
  10. Just got done skimming your first grow. Nice job man.

    Gonna sink in and watch this one happen. Good luck.
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    RJ42. Glad to have you around any time. Thanks. I've been following along with your grow as well. You are doing great.

    ManNamed Jed. I'll be happy to start with your first journal and read through to the end. I don't mind a little reading. I learn a lot that way. Youv'e grown quite a few strains. It'll be very interesting. Thanks.

    Thanks Twenty-One. I appreciate it.
  12. You know I'm watching this one too
    Gotta support my hempys!
  13. Hey thanks BillMurray. Glad to hear from you.
  14. Subbed and buckled up. Best of luck Mellowtoker!
  15. pulling up a seat.
  16. Thanks kryptogreen and sewich. Glad to have you along.
  17. Here's an update. Day 10. Temp 80. RH49%.

    Plants are doing great. They all have a couple sets of branches starting. Will top at 6 sets of branches just like last grow. This grow is already shaping up to be better start so far than last time. Temps are much milder thanks to Fall coming on here. Also, the lower initial placement of my LED lights as well as placing CFL side lighting as close as possible (thank you Wardrobe where ever you are) has helped to keep my young plants very short and compact so far. I coudln't be happier.

    Thanks to everyone for following along. Peace.

    Here's current pics:

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  18. Looking good man. Look pretty healthy. Nice.
  19. Something I just noticed, did you use two of those LED's in your last grow, or just 1 for each chamber?
    Either way I'm really excited to see what two of them in that tiny little area can do.
  20. Thanks for following along Two-One. I appreciate it.

    Thanks to you as well. I got two more 180W Progrow led lights about 3 weeks ( I think) from the end of my last grow. I did stick them in with the two existing 180W lights at about 2 weeks from harvest just for the hell of it. I don't think that they did much to improve anything at that late stage. This grow, yea, I will be using two 180W led lights in each chamber for all of flower. Only using one 180W led in each chamber plus the cfl's right now for veg. Will be adding one more 180W led in each chamber at the start of the flowering cycle. So, I'll have two 180W Progrow led's and four 23W cfl's for side lighting in each chamber for the entire flowering cycle this time. I am very eager to see if the added lights make a big difference in yield. We'll see.

    Just read your update on your thread. You are doing very well. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing how you do. I think that these Hyd Hut Progrow lights are great so far. Looks like your doing well with yours too. Cheers.

    :wave:Here's an update.
    Sun. 10/09. Day 14 veg. Temp 73. RH 64%.

    Watered until about 25% run off today with 2 gallons between the four pots. Kind of a mini flush if you will to keep everything clean and fresh in the coco hopefully. The plants have four sets of branches with a fifth set starting. Will top when they have six sets. I am really liking this time of year to grow better than Summer. Way milder temps here.

    All measurements per 1 gallon. PH 5.8.
    GH micro hard water 5 ml, grow 7 ml, bloom 2.5 ml. Florablend 7 ml, diamond nectar 5 ml, floranectar 5 ml, calmag 7 ml. Base TDS of our hard well water 250 ppm. After adding nutes 960 ppm. No burn, and plants are growing fast, so I guess this is a good mix.

    Current pics:

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