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  1. I have just recently failed my second grow attempt and im growing irritated. (which is apparently the only thing growing) I germinated 8 super skunk seeds with the paper towel method and 6 of them sprouted tiny tap roots. So I then put them wach in their own solo cups of soil root down if course and put them under a humidity dome until I could see first leaves. But that was two weeks ago n nothing grew. I love mary jane n its just too expensive too keep buying n I want to grow it so bad. Ive spent about 160 on seeds but its done me no good cuz I cant grow anything. I would really really really appreciate someone giving me step by step instructions or advice. Thanx
  2. Also I wanted to know what kind of soil is best. The first grow attempt I think I killed my seeds with adding too much fertilizer so this time I had used miracle grow potting mix that feeds plants for up to three months.
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    Get rid of the miracle grow pre fed stuff too. Find something that isn't pre fertilized. You cant control what your plants are getting with the pre fertilized stuff as it is time released and you have no idea what concentrations your plant is getting. Most here seem to recommend Fox Farms stuff. New sprouts don't need any additional nutrients for at least the first two or three weeks.

    Be sure not to over water as well, it is an easy mistake to make. You just want o water until you get a small amount of run off, then let the soil dry at about an inch or so down before you water again. Seedlings require very little water.

    It is in most peoples nature to want to make sure our plants have what they need, but that often leads to over doing it be it water or nutrients.
  4. Ive had success with Mg Seed Starting soil. Sucks to hear about your failure, but it should only make you wanna do more research before forking out $160 on good seeds. Maybe save up a few bagseeds nex time until you have a grow under your belt.

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    When i first started(still my first grow going on with some problems)i remember i killed six seedlings before i got it right. Don't be panicked. Put them in pots or cups or whatever container you use and cover them with black trashbags until they sprout. When you see the first "leaves"(cotyledons) you can put them under the light. At least that's how i did it. It was of great help to me the thread about germination(Germination 420), which is also a sticky here i believe.I have never used mg soil, but think there are better alternativesconcerning soil.Personally i use Biobizz All-Mix. Good luck with your grow,no need to give up, as time goes by you will get used to it.
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    I have to agree totally here. Bag seed doesnt always mean bad smoke. Unless you just have an open budget, that $160 could have gone to equipment and you would probably be better off.

    Hell, I started off with 30 seeds, only 20 germed for me but I could care less because that was the one part of the operation that was free.
  7. I would totally have used bag seeds instead of buying if I was getting bags. I cant get it anymore everyone I know quit selling which is was prompted me to grow my own stash. So as for soil do I have to order special stuff online or does walmart or true calue carry something good I can use? Also what light is best im certain my friend lied when they told me to use a 400 watt heat lamp.
  8. I bet the heat lamp is part of the problem. If you want to stay cheap go with CFL's for right now.
  9. No your friend did not lie.It depends on how many plants you want to grow.A 400w would be fine for up to 6 plants(better 4). And with a 400w hps you would definitely have better results compared to cfls. BUT Hps emit lots of heat, so you better have a well organised growroom that is not going to show off problems when you will already have started your grow. So TEST your growroom for about a day, before puting your plants in. This is also a mistake i did on my debut as a grower. Another thing you should notice with the HPS is that at the beggining you MUST have it at a distance from your seedlings because it can very easily burn them. And most important of all, READ and RESEARCH before you do it. Everything i am telling you is written in here, and in a much better way than what i write now. You could also read a book or two, The Cannabis Bible and the book from Jorge Cervantes(Cannabis Horticulture i think) are good.

    P.S: Hope you got my pm
  10. If there's a shoot on the seed, that shoot should be planted up, not down.
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    Ive lost 16 plants total since I started growing all name brand seeds ordered to. The grow in my sign is my only other sucessfull grow besides 2 plants I grew to harvest a year or so ago. They were LSD and White Berry

    Dont stress to much on it because one day you will get it right and then youll have more plants then u know what to do with.

    I suggest trying to start from seed in jiffy pucks or something like them on a plate or what I use is a meatloaf glass container and put it on top of a seed germinating heating pad. Keep the pucks moist with Ph water around 6.0 and cover with tinfoil but make sure u air it out a couple times a day, and as soon as they start to sprout up I have a CFL bulb an inch or so from the top of em and within a few days I transfer them into pots with Fox Farms Ocean Soil and put them in my grow tent under a T5 6 bulb light.

    I have heard ppl say FFoF burns seedlings but I have never had that happen to me.

  12. Stop adding fertizlier. Good soil to use is FoxFarms Ocean Soil. You can buy it off amazon.com.

    You will not have a need for nutes/ferts till about 30days after it grows.
  13. :wave: As one of the blades has already said Do Not add any nutes to your soil, even using foxfamrs I only feed once during veg. I've grown in the dreaded MG soil before, I mixed it with lots of perlite and it wasn't too bad but I wouldn't use it again. All my other strains worked fine with MG soil but my Dinafem White Widow was stunted until I put her into some better soil.

    Also be sure that your light is a 400w HPS and not a heat bulb whatever one of those is, you might be better using CFL's for veg though :smoking:
  14. i had some success using jiffy peats and the greenhouse dome they came with i moistened the peat planted the seed (no tap root) and put it under a 10w 6500k cfl i also cut two small holes in the dome for circulation and kept humidity around 75% after about two days under 16/8 i had seedlings i placed the light as close to the dome as possible (no heat with 10w cfl) haven't been able to germ since but i got a great looking plant already so im not worried (dome was main factor try it 5 dollars low watt cfl 3 dollars)

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