2nd Grow attempt by Noobe. Going to use H3ad 6/9 on AK48

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    Greetings, GC Coco-nuts.  New Grower here.  This is my second run and I am sticking with coco. 
    Privous ( First ) attempt: 3x3 grow tent. 4 Nirvana NLs in coco.  Followed GH DTW schedule with 3 part flora series.  Lots of newbie issues.  Bit of a struggle.  Took 4 plants through flower.  Got 3 herimeis.  Havested two of the hermies and one plant that was clean.  Got 3.25 oz dried and cured.  1oz from the good plant was good smoke.  One of the hermies was decent for another 1.4oz.  The other was garbage.  Lot's of issues with heat and stretch in flower.  Struggled with nute and deficiency issues.  
    This ( Second ) attempt.
    Sprouted 4 AK48s in 16oz fiber pots.   3x3 grow tent
    Media:  Sprouted in 160z Fiber Cups. Will transition to  2gl Smart Pots for the entiere run.
    Nutes:  Hand water GH Flora using H3ad 3/9 ammended with 1ml CaMg+ and PH'd to 5.8
    Light: 400W MH for veg, 400W HPS for flower
    Training: I indend to top at the second node.
    Transistion to 12/12:  4 to 5 weeks from sprout.
    Water Source: Well water with a base of .5 EC. and 6.2 PH
    1st week:  Fed water with only an occasional pop of CaMg+ and Rhizotonic.
    2nd week:  Began feeding 1/4 strength 6/9 alternating with further deluted feedings and ammended by CaMg+
    Today begins week 3.  Second set of true leaves are in.  RH is low, about 30%, but have bumped it closer to 40% with fogger in room where tent resides. I intend to bury the fiber cups in 2gl smart pots with pure Canna Coco. I did this last time and had no problems establishing roots.  I'm thinking no perlite this time as the 2gl pots dried up fast on me late in flower, introducing possible PH issues.  That's part of the reason I intend to transplant only two of the seedlings and take them into flower. It was also my impression, gained from hard experience, that 4 plants in a 3x3 tent on my first grow was not a good idea for a noobe.  Lots of crowding issues and stretch.  
    My current solution, 6/9 at 1/4 strength ammended by CaMg+ gives me an EC of about .4  I have roots popping out of the bottom and sides of the fiber cups, so I intend to transplant/bury the cups into the 2 gal Smart Pots this weekend.  I am trying to err on the side of keeping the plants a little hungry rather than making them toxic with overfeeding. 
    That's about it for now.  I don't think anybody wants to see pics of seedlings, so I'll post pics when things get more interesting.  
    Any suggestions from growers who have used the H3ad formula, grown AK48, or just general suggestions about this coco grow will be appreciated.   :hello:

  2. I'd think that at 3 weeks they should have more than 2 sets of true leaves, might be slowing growth by such low ec. .4 is like 200ppm? You'd probably see an improvement in vigor if you upped the dosage. h3ad's formula is a low ec feed even at full strength and many people do full strength from the beginning while some do 1/2 to start but usually are up to full strength by end of week 1.. I get what your saying about keeping em hungry, I had the same gameplan. But then a def set in. It's way easier to keep deficiencies at bay than correct them I'd say.  Either way, good luck and happy growing
  3. Hi Mikeee420
    Sorry man...  I made it a little vague.  When I posted, they had just turned 2 weeks old and were starting week 3.  I hear you though on upping the EC.  I've been a little paranoid about burning um.  Thanks for the insight.That gives me more confidence to start elevating the feed.  
    I transplanted ( buried the fiber cups ) into 2 gal pots today. [ 17 days old. ] They started looking hungry yesterday, and I noticed a slowdown in growth, but I did not want to up the concentration until they settle into the new pots.
    Did you stick with the profile H3ad was using or did you make adjustments?
  4. Do a google search for "rezdog the recipe".. what I'd recommend following. Pretty much h3ad's formula with some powdered kb thrown in for a few feeds in flower. It calls for 1/2 strength h3ad until seedlings and clones are around 10", then full strength from there on

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