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  1. so finally started my second grow here in Colorado and got some ffof mixed with perlite for this grow. my first grow i posted ended quickly due to the choice of inferior top soil that i got from walmart really goes to show how you shouldnt skimp out on anything so here goes round 2. i have 2 Dreamwalker (from what i understand some cross of skywalker and blue dream) seeds i got form dispensary bag and 3 purple cotton seed (purple x cotton candy i belive) from bag as well and finally a random bag seed my brother found in an OZ he got form the dispensary but not sure on strain, im not to worried about amazing genetics right now since im just learning and i figured i would come here for more advice so here goes my second setup any advice or comments would be much appreciated.
    only have the dream walker and bag seed pictures right now i started them first with the hope of getting 3 tangerine dream clones from a friend that had gnats so i turned them down and germinated 3 purple cotton seeds that all took and are looking good ill try to get some pics of them soon.
    sorry about pic quality my phone sux ill try to upgrade asap

  2. a little more info on the grow setup:
    4'x4'x7' grow tent
    4' 4 tube t5ho lamp with 3 54 watt 6500k and 1 54 watt 3000k (left the other veg bulb at friends house from last grow will swap once i get it back) 
    80% ffof with an extra 20% perlite added not going to use any nutes for first 2 weeks
    a fan at one of the exhaust ports to try to get some air exchange :/
    i am also going to purchase a therm/hydrometer for the grow room soon but temp when i put my hand right up to light is not bad at all 
    i do have a ph meter but need to buy distilled water to calibrate so not sure of ph right now and watering with plain tap water 
    did a toilet paper germination haha all i had but good germination rate out of 8 seeds 6 germinated and placed them in jiffy pellets for about 24 hours before the taproot started to show so transplated into party cups with the ffof blend (after flushing of course) 
    the first three seeds (dream walker and bag seeds) look like there getting a little tall, not bad at all but always prefer a bushy plant over a tall one since im growing in an apartment with t5 lights... purple cotton are looking nice but i moved all the plants about 2-4 inches from the t5 to get maximum effect
    the pictures i posted are 1 week after i put the seeds in the paper for germination will try to update picks at least once a week.
    thanx for reading :)
  3. For now I would take out all the bulbs but one and put all the plants within an inch of the light. I also suggest a fan of some sort blowing on the plants and opening a vent so they have some air moving around in there and it keeps the bulbs cool so you can almost touch the plant to the light
    yes i do actually have a rotating fan at one of he air ducts in the grow room so get a breeze in there and provide some sort of air slow.
    i am looking at getting a 240 cfm duct fan to pull the old hot air out. any other recommendations for getting air flow any better in the mean time and i do have he plants maybe 2-4 inches away from the plants, ill see how they seem to like if with only half the lights on.
    thanx for the help
  5. any advice on how the keep the canopy even? i was thinking about super cropping along with a scrog just need to build a net for the room. anything else i could try that would have a low chance of damaging the plant? figure for the t5 lights im going to need as even a canopy as possible
    Just looked through your first grow and yes that was exactly what happened to my first grow so looking forward to my second based off your results :) thanx for the support and let me know how those GDP seeds turn out always looking for a good seed company to order from
    i did move the plants a few inches further away after finding a tiny bit of purple on the set of leaves with 3 fingers also turned 2 of the lights off all try to post some pics with all the plants 
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    LST (low stress training) or trellising. Check out this section of the forum for some great examples: http://forum.grasscity.com/plant-
    Just to give you an example,
    I grew this plant from start to finish with the same amount of light as you, 4x54 watt T5 HO:
    That picture was not long after switching to 12/12
    Here she was not too long before harvest:
    Good luck. :smoke:
  9. I don't think the purple was because of the light. I have my plant within an inch and have been having no issues, with t5s the closer the better. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415750924.534385.jpg
  10. sorry about not being able to post in a long time job changed days off so time has been limited. [​IMG] but on i good note the plants looking good so far, the purple on the purple cotton went away i think it might have been heat stress and went away once the leaves got any real size. the three plants that i germinated first are definitely growing fast and all three purple cotton plants look identical

    i think ive decided to mainline not only the bag seed but one each of the purple cotton and dream walker after looking at a few grow journals it looks promising [​IMG]

    ive noticed a little green moss growing at the base of the plants and after looking online it seems ive been watering too much. does anyone know if this is really the cause of the moss growing? 
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. I super cropped and scrog I starting training them young Also using t5 4' 8 bulb X2 this was at 3 weeks flower. I topped then lolipopped once I put scrog in.
  12. I super cropped and scrog I starting training them young Also using t5 4' 8 bulb X2 this was at 3 weeks flower. I topped then lolipopped once I put scrog in.

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    that looks very nice how many plants do you have under that 8 bulb? and if you dont mind me asking how much did you get? and finally how far away did you keep your lights from your plants? i know i need more light if i want any kind of good harvest so i was going to get another 4' 4 buld t5 but the price went up so i was thinking of getting an Apollo 300 watt full spectrum led from amazon for close to the same price.
  14. 2 plants under each light kept between 3 and 8 inches from canopy. Don't know what yield is gonna be like yet the pics were current I'm going into 4th week of flower. A word of advice on led from experience. Stay away from the cheap stuff Apollo is decent I will post results once they are chopped and dried
  15. sorry i havent posted in so long been crazy at work havent had much of a day off in a while but here are some pics. and FYI i have started mainlining 3 of the plants and the bagseed i found seems to be doing the best the dream walker the worst it really doesnt want to grow the branches and the purple cotton is looking ok too. really hope i get a few girls..
    i also got a 12 bulb t5 from ebay for aroung 145 it was a great deal but you get what you pay for. the light gets much hotter with tenps almost reaching 90 :? looking at getting some ice moved in there a few times a day but either way i have the plants that im not mainlining getting ready to but :) so itll be 2 purple cotton plants and a dream walker plant just going to replant them the purple cotton in 3 gallon pots and the dreamwalker in a 5 gallon pot 
  16. so i switched 3 of my plants to 12/12 and one of the purple cotton seeds already is showing 2 white hairs on the nodes :) so at least 1 female hopefully the other two will show the same but im having a bit of a heat issue with these new t5 lights. the 12 bulb was cheap bt i guess you get what you pay for.
    either way this is the picks of the plants. the taller one that ive tied down quite a bit is the dreamwalker and the other two are the purple cotton. the one on the far left is the one that has the hairs already.
    im going to chop the mainlined plants today and transplant them into 3 gallon pots as well so ill update some pics later of that hopefully
  17. sorry its been so long guys i didnt think there was much interest but ill try to do a bunch of by eDeals">updates[​IMG] today and tomorrow ive been way busy at work but here goes some pics. right now im about 7 weeks into by eDeals">flowering[​IMG] and ive also by eDeals">upgraded[​IMG] to 2 tents and a mars hydro 700 watt LED by eDeals">light[​IMG] ill post those last but here are some pics of the girls between now and last time i posted
    WP_000435.jpg WP_000436.jpg WP_000437.jpg WP_000438.jpg WP_000440.jpg WP_000446.jpg WP_000445.jpg WP_000444.jpg WP_000443.jpg WP_000442.jpg
    so separated my plants three under the 12 bulb t5 and moved the rest into another tent i believe
  18. all three ladys in the t5 tent ended up being female and actually 5 of 6 ended up being female :D only the puple cotton plant i mainlined ended up being male and every single clone i took ended up rooting witch caused a space issue. thats actually why i ended up getting the mars2 and the other tent
    WP_000447.jpg WP_000448.jpg WP_000449.jpg WP_000450.jpg WP_000452.jpg WP_000453.jpg WP_000454.jpg WP_000455.jpg WP_000456.jpg WP_000457.jpg
  19. i dont know if im posting all the pics in order lol looking at the pics im posting looks like ive been in by eDeals">flower[​IMG] ing for about 3 weeks already and ive moved the other dreamwalker plant the one i mainlined and the other dreamwalker is looking amazing at his point and the purple cotton too but that dream walker :D
    WP_000458.jpg WP_000459.jpg WP_000460.jpg WP_000461.jpg WP_000462.jpg WP_000463.jpg WP_000464.jpg WP_000465.jpg WP_000466.jpg WP_000467.jpg

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