2nd Grow 2 Strain 150w HPS(supplimental Cfls)

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  1. Whats up everyone this is my second Medicinal grow which will turn into perpetual when I harvest these girls

    So Here is my setup any/all insight/opinions are welcome
    constructive criticism is a plus too

    so here is my full setup+soil

    2x2 gallon smart pots


    50/50 of FoxFarmOF and FoxFarmHF
    with mixed in hoffmans perlite


    6x45w 6500k cfls(veg only)
    1x150w hps (flowering only)
    2x42w 2700k cfl (flowering only)
    2x26w 2700k cfl (flowering only)
    total veg 270w
    total flower 290w

    digital PH tester/TDS meter


    the FoxFarm Trio
    calmag plus
    and Molasses

    my 62"x36"x20" grow tent 1 booster fan exhaust 1x6"desk fan intake 1x6"desk fan on plants/lights

    Alright so The 20 day old Kings Kush and the 1 day old Cotton Candy Kush

    and the various pics that accompany this grow so far

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