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2g of Mids or 1g of dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by x8rUn0x, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. i can either get 2g of (i think high grade) mids ($10 a g), or i can get 1g of some good dank for $20 a g

    which should i get?
  2. steep price for mids, go dank
  3. I would rather have the extra gram from the high mids.
  4. there are at least two of these threads a week.
    im never one to say this but USE THE SEARCH FEATURE!!
    you could just as easily look through a few pages of this section and you'll find some answers
  5. Weed is weed, GENERALLY.

    2 grams of mids will get you high twice, maybe three times.
    1 gram of dank might get you high twice.

    The more you have, the more sessions you have. I suggest you buy the 2 grams of mids, portion those into like .5-8 gram portions and smoke like that.
  6. 1gram of dank
    I can get 4 grams of mids for 1 gram of dank.
  7. I would go for the 2g's of mids, just because I enjoy smoking. But thats me.
  8. I'd go for the 2g of mids, Makizushis' got it down. The more the merrier!
    If you have a vape you could use it to make your 2g s of mids last WAAAY longer, like 2x as long, and hit harder too!

    Happy Toking!

  9. This is not necessarily true. a gram of dank can last me 5 days and i can smoke a bowl a day.
  10. i would get the mids. i would smoke more of it to get high, but im no lazy smoker and enjoy it. then what ever i have left over i would sell, maybe if a had a G left over. I usually try to sell to fags/first timers for $15, (they get high of half a G i mean come on). That way i have made almost all the money i used to buy in the first place. and it just repeats and repeats. pretty good deal.
  11. It would depend on how high you get from the mids. If they get you really high and you are able to make 1 G of mids last awhile, then go for it. If you do not know the quality, I would spend $10 on .5 on dank and spend the other $10 on 1 G of mids. That way, I have a reasonable amount of both :).
  12. haha 1 gram of mids got me baked 3 times. just last night smoked like a quarter of a gram and got baked out of my mind. Probably cause i'm new to smoking though.
    If you're new, i'd say go with the mids cuz your low tolerance will get you wicked baked. I haven't had anything but mids yet (bought some dank dro yesterday though) so i can't really compare:wave:

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