2ft Sheldon Black

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    This is my 2ft Sheldon Black 5mm with a 19 holed diffuser payed 220 for it very happy.

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  2. Very sexy piece man. Sheldon black are the people who used to do roor us right?
  3. Yupp dude this is probly my favorite piece of them all it just hits amazing i think next im gettin a US Tube Beaker with a nice thick joint.

  4. Coulda got a grasso 29mm joint, killed two birds with one stone so to say. And same price if not cheaper.
  5. Wen I use my angled base and 2 foot extension top piece my bong takes thr exact form of that one. And it's the best hit I have taken every time. Although I must say yours is far sexier. Check out my posting on hoss/ng bongs tho mang
  6. That thing is a beast nice job
  7. How did you get such a deal?

    All the shops in cali I went to have SB's labeled as "non negotiable" and 400 + tags. I would've snagged that in a second for that price.

  8. 0_0

    What shops are you going too man, thats a giant ripoff.
  9. Seriously pretty much every shop in SaMo and Venice i could find in a 2 week span looking for a good deal on an SB Bubbler or something. I couldn't bring myself to fork over the cash. Non negotiable even. Sigh.

  10. Baaaad choices.

    Go to dementia on ventura in woodland hills, stop wasting your time man.
  11. s'all too late now. But will be good news when I go back knowing that these shops are still making money with reasonable prices.
  12. Nice sb. Like someone else said if ur in the market for a sb check out dementia. They are the main distributors for them and will work out deals for you as well. I don't remember if the woodland hills location does it anymore, but the Sherman oaks one will give you 15% off if you are a mmj patient and show them your id or script. Plus u can talk them down on top if that discount too. But, the woodland hills store is a little larger and has a bigger selection cause that's their headquarters store

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