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  1. im just wondering if anyone else has done 2ct2.. it is a research drug and it makes you trip the fuck out..i got 1 hit for 10 bucks in a liquid form.. it tasted like shit.. i felt sick for the first hour.. and then tripped the fuck out for the next 5 hours around.. the visuals were crazy intense, more intense than any other drug ive done.. nothin looked the way it was supposed to look.. i was chillin and i saw a a spot on the cement, the spot swilled up and turned into a scorpion.. it was crazy shit..
  2. sounds fuckin crazy. How'd you get ahold of this shit? I've never truly understood the concept of "research drugs." can they be legally obtained? I've heard yes, and no; and it all just seems a bit ambiguous.

    So would you do it again?
  3. i can never get research chems it sucks!!! the only time i got it was randomly at a concert some dude traded me some 2ce for some shrooms
    id try everyone if i could get my hands on them
  4. ya i wasnt looking for it.. id actually never even heard of it, but my friend told me that his friends roomate was sellin some so i had to try it.

    ya i would do it again.. it was really intense though. i would do it in a more secluded area though ( i did it at islands of adventure theme park ) ..

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