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    has anybody gotten 2c-e at all, and what did you pay for it?
  2. i dont even know wat the 2c family is even about at all
  3. 2ci is better
  4. online vendors sell the 2cx's for around 200 per grm. dose of 2ci is 40-60mg and dose of 2ce is 20-40mg. so you get a lot of doses. for the record, those are my doses, your will prolly be less, i am a hardhead for them.
  5. ^^Yeah, those are weird doses, since I thought they were the same strength. Have you read PiKHAL at all?

    Street price of 2c's (for a dose) is going to be similar to a dose of acid in your area (like 2 tabs), so normally $20-25. I got one cap once (~25mg) for about $20, but I got some K and 2C-T-2 at the same time so it was $5 off what he wanted for it.

    And yeah, if you can find it online, a gram will run you a bit over $200 most likely.
  6. I love psychedelics, but not to be a dick, talking about Research Chemicals on this forum is sadly against the rules. I just want to do my part to help Grasscity and the RC community. Please dont make it sketch for the rest of us.

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