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2c-e or 2c-i ? which would you choose ? any experts here ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wizzardboi, May 27, 2009.

  1. Im going to buy a gram of 2c-i soon. But alot of people keep saying 2c-e is good. Does 2c-i Feel like a rolling effect, + a little bit of visual ? How good is the rolling feeling from the 2c-i ? Similar to xstacy ? I've done 2c-e before and wasent to fond of it when i wasent able to go to sleep till 16 hours later.. and the visual effect deff wasent worth the not being able to fall asleep part. THe visuals werent bad tho. But how good is 2c-i... im curious
  2. Go for the 2c-e dude, its a much better feeling trip in my opinion. i ordered about 10 grams of the E and have only taken the I but i can tell you and alot of my friends would agree, the I makes you feel a little burnt the next day and the E makes you feel energized. either way have fun
  3. I am about to order some soon also, Ive heard a lot of good about 2c i and most people love it and say how its like mdma and acid together so I might just go for that.
  4. to be honest i didnt really like either of them that much.....i went through 200mg of 2ci and a gram of 2ce and they just made me acid too say the 2ce was better but theyre both very say go for the 2ci if you havent done it yet you might like it i dont know id say its worth the experience albiet im not gonna go out of my way to do either of them again........
  5. lucky, I cant get ahold of any for the life of me.
  6. I dont really think either of them were anything special.

    They are weaker then rolling and weaker then acid, then mixed together almost. Its an ok trip, the E was a little better IMO due to the slightly better come down but neither have a bad come down so to say

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