250watter... Alot of heat??

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  1. Hello fellow Grass citizens!

    For those with 250 watters, Id like to know if you've struggled with heat problems of any sort. Im getting me a 250w hps system and to be honest, im working with about 3-4 Sq feet...

    Due to my confined space I went with the 250, and Im wondering if im going to need some sort of air coolable hood or something...

    What do you think?:cool:
  2. I have a 250w and I have it in a Daystar AC reflector hood with temp glass, heat is def not an issue, I even put an extra warm cfl 120w from sunleave and heat is still not a big issue, just have a fan blowing on it and you should be fine, or you can have ducting it's up to you.
  3. Also if you get one if the ballast already on it then I can't answear that question, but I heard they get HOT as HELL!
  4. Thanks Sci!

    Yeah, remote ballast (not on it), but I have no AC hood... I thing Im going to work more on my vent system see if I make up there... Hopefully, my temps run fine!

    Or will I need a hood... What do you think?
  5. for a space that size a cool tube would work well to cool your light independently of the grow space

    you can make one with a baking round, a fan and some 4" flex duct or buy one for about 70
  6. That sounds like a plan my friend!

    Thanks for the advice!*
  7. you can diy cooltubes with vent ducting and somefans, smaller fan letting air in, bigger fan drawing air out, thatl create negativepressure which increases effiancy in cooling and fan usage.

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