250W HPS from general lightning stores

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  1. hey guys... in this shithole i'm living, there are NO hydroponics stores, or anything similar to indoor growing cause of the sunshine through out the year. Imagine that i can't even find a single store (florist, petshop) that sells vermiculite. (most of them don't know what the hell vermiculite is)

    I have a sporeprint of magic mushrooms, but no vermiculite. Fuckin' weird!!!!

    back to the lights: Different stores that sell lighting systems sell up to 1000W HPS bulbs but the whole system doesn't look like the ones in growell or inside sun. (webpages)

    From the picture attached, the systems they sell with a 250W HPS bulb are the last 2 on the right. I don't know if the ballast is build-in or if they don;t use a ballast at all.

    What do you think guys? Is it possible to use this system?
    is the ballast embended ?? 250W are enough for my growroom (even though, lighting is never enough :)

    starting my germination tomorrow if this system is approved. 2 N.L pure indica and 2 misty



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  2. the last one on the right is the same as mine.....i've got a 400w HPS....the ballast is built into the back of it....it's really handy for fitting, i'll post a pic of mine when the lights come back on.....basically i got a bit of box section staeel and bolted it to each side of the growroom.....in this box section i put 2 holes, that line up with the holes in the f/b fixing of the light......so it's only a matter of getting 2 bits of 10mm screwed rod and putting it through the box and attached to the light....hence as the p[lants grow you just wind the nuts up to suit.......Peace out...Sid

    ps the second from the right also has a buit in ballast behind the light....the one that i have is designed for outdoor use and has a pane of glass across the front which helps to jkeep the heat down.....i can have the light less than 16" from the plants and it maintains a temp of approx 72-80 degrees farenheit.....
  3. hey sid.

    well, i just called at the store and told me that the 250W HPS is 70 pounds. about $112 . so i guess, it must have the ballast build in.

    how com insidesun, etc use this fancy reflectors, external ballasts and stuff since you can do your thing using this common outdoor fitting?

    so, your advice is to go for it? can you please send a picture of your lamp and the steel box you are refering to?

    thanx again for the advice

    it's growing time

  4. ill post a pic at 6pm tonight when the light comes on....what size of space are you growing in?.....Peace out....Sid
  5. roughly, cause i'm not home right now, the dimensions are:

    1.80 height
    1m length
    80cm depth

    the last one on the right is better than the second from the right?
  6. hard to tell unless someone has that light....the last on the right suits me to a tee, and is easily fitted, i couldn't vouch for the other one, but from what i remember about seeing them, i thought it would be hard for me to fix it as i need to move mine......i've got a feeling the second from the right would be better suited to a sog grow.....Peace out....Sid
  7. sid, when you take the pictures, please attach the mechanism you made that moves the light.

  8. no problem......ps where abouts in the u.k are you from?.....Peace out...Sid
  9. sid :) :) :)

    if you read the first paragraph you'll see that i'm not from the UK. sunshine through out the year :)

    a fucked up island in the med.

    i left shiphol airport 2 weeks ago and came back to this shithole .. AGAIN

    fuck it... as long we have weed...
  10. it's just when you daid pound....i thought you were in the u.k....or do you use the £ there?
  11. yeap...even drive on the "wrong" side of the road. use 3 - pins plug

    x - english territory

    oh well...:)

    i'm not into politics....i have no problem with that. as long as we have weed hehehehehee
  12. sid, i have search the site of the lighting store and came up with more info.

    apparently, the fitting is called flood light..
    this is the description:

    Flood Light
    from 150W - 2000W
    All types of lamps


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  13. this is my second option


    Round Flood Lights
    narrow beam
    from 400W - 2000W
    All types of lamps

    which one would you recommend?

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  14. to be able to have them up to 2000w for that size of light seems quite unusual, either would suffice as long as it's an HPS.....no halogen...the round one say's it has a narrow beam...hence it will cover less ground space and act more like a spot light.....if you were only going to grow a couple of plants that would be o.k.....but all in all if you plan on doing a few more i'd go for the other one.....but only if it's a HPS.......Peace out...Sid
  15. 250W HPS.

    but what i'm concerned is the ballast. their webpage doesn't say anything bout build-in ballast

    how can i find out that is has a ballast?
  16. send them an e-mail and ask if the light needs a ballast or if it's built in?....give them the ref number for the light, and then just ask!

    i'm pretty sure it's built into them 2 pics you showed me, as the ones that need seperate ballasts allways look like the ones in inside sun, they have a reflector but nothing behind them allready built on.....Peace out...Sid

    ps, you could send the question from a friends computer, if it's a small island you're on.....security first, pay cash...no credit card, and if needed give a false address and pick it up in person....leave no trails!
  17. thanks a lot sid. will check it out
  18. Flouros come in tubes, I don't think I've seen a halogen tube bulb.
  19. From the pictures you showed they all had the ballast's built in.
    I took mine out and extended the wire coming from the transformer output ( the wires going to the bulbs) This way I can hang the bulbs wherever I want and get the ballast out of the way they do tend to weigh alot.

    The easiest way to do this is to just extend wires that go to the bulbs carefully remove the bulb and ceramic piece you shouldfind two wires that go to this piece I used heavy duty 2 wire lamp cord ( flexable) with wire nuts and tape over the nuts after you nake your connection.

    If you want to use the existing relectors that come withthe fixtures then just hag'em how you want.

    Do the refectors in these fixtures offer anything for growing?
    I use mylar to direct the light towards the plants and in some cases am able to take a bulb and string in inbetween a couple of plants.
  20. hey guys...thanx for the advice

    well, you are right. i went to the shop and checked the light myself...10Kgs with a build-in ballast. just have to take out of the fitting the ballast. is it ok to place it in the closet ? or do you think i should keep it outside?

    and a last question.

    ballast is supposed to correct the power factor. having an HPS light in an appartment, is it possible for the electrical company to come and check what's going on? i mean, the monthly charge through out the veg. fase is 16 bucks
    (8pounds)... does the electricity authority can tell than you are using an HPS lamp?


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