250/400w Galaxy select-a-watt dimmable ballast

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  1. hey everyone,

    i was wondering if i can use a 400w bulb and dim it down to 250w. i know it works on the 1000/600/400w ballast but was wondering if the 250/400w ballast works the same way?

    Sun System / Sunlight Supply: SUN SYSTEM® GALAXY™ 250-HQI - 400 TURBO CHARGE SELECT-A-WATT DIMMABLE ELECTRONIC BALLAST - 120/240V ONLY 'ELECTONIC' [902483] - Ballasts, Capacitors & Parts - Lighting Systems - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Gard

    i wanted to buy a mh bulb but they dont sell it in 250w and only 400 and up. i plan on having a 250w grow and if someone that has the galaxy selectawatt dim ballast can shed some light on this.:wave:
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    I do not see any problem, they all works on the same principal . I have Lumatec (600W) and was turning the knob down from 600W to 300W while light was on and then back,worked flawlessly , no damage to the bulb (I use Digilux bulbs)
    It would be only a problem if you try to run 250W bulb on 400W settings , bulb will burn down.
    Less wattage delivered to the bulb (espetialy if it is design to withstand higher wattage ) should not damage the bulb.

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