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$25 gift card to Lowes

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by wazoo42o, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I got a 25$ gift card to Lowes for Christmas and now I'm thinking about what to but with it.
    I'm willing to throw in a little cash but i want to get a good light set up. I heard t5 floros are nice... Opinions?
    Also they have to carry it at Lowes.
  2. T5 lights are amazing I am growing with one right now it's a monster though its a 4 ft 8 bulb t6 about 760 watts and 56,000 lumens. Works amazing! The thing is that you are goin to need more than $25 my bulbs cost about that a piece. Cfl if your trying to stay around that range. Idk your budget. My light set up was about $225 ten bulbs on top of that and you need flower and veg bulbs. Only half the amount of flower bulbs though. I would set a budget you need to stay at then go from there. You can get your soil and pots with $25 lol
  3. I am looking to upgrade to floros but was wondering about the costs, i need enough to support 2 plants during flowering, i have the vegging under control
  4. I want to spend around $50 total but willing to spend more
  5. I was thinking one light fixture that supports 2 t5 or similar lights
  6. Fluorescents are amazing man I love my grow I have with them but I would check and see what special lights they can order depends on size of area you are growing in but if it helps any my light supports 10 plants bag and flower from 12/12.
  7. Depends on how cheap they had the bulbs but fixture a cheap on will be about $20-25 and then the bulbs. They sell small hps and mh lights thre also. Might look at going with them. They have them all the way down to 50 watt which is more than your gunna get with the floros unless you go bigger. Bang for buck from lowes will be hps or mh in my opinion.
  8. I'm really just growing a few plants as a hobby i love growing i just want more light. How much do you think i could pick up a small florescent fixture for?
  9. After bulbs prob $50 after bulbs and fixture.
  10. Well i would love a mh/hps set up but i haven't been able to find a set up for less then $200 or so
  11. they are great lights and you can customize what you want. Lowes also carried their bulbs and fixtures for outdoor purposes and you can get them and hps is hps lol they have every size at lowes all the way down to 50watt. If your doing 2 plants though u need a min of 100

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