2490 lumens and 225 watts.......

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  1. OK,
    i finally aquired some lightbulbs that i think will be of some use in trying to grow some good "HERB" ..... they have a enhanced color spectrum and shows a picture of a rainbow on the box so im assuming that they will work...... they have a 75 watt & 830 lumens output EACH and i have 3 of them so doing the math thats 2490 lumens and 225 watts wich brings me to my first problem is that enoigh light or LUMENS i should say beacuse i read somewhere on the NET that i need at least 2000 lumes to grow a single good size plant but also im planning on using a singe stem budding techinque like the "SEA OF GREEN" on one of my existing plants that i have outside so i only need the plant to be like 2-3 feet tall n e wayz if i can i wanna be able to put like a light on top of the plant and a the other 2 on opposite sides of the plant and alternate evry 12 hours or so to give the plant equal light exposure but im expecting some FEEDBACK on this light question of mine before i sta anything and........yea i would love to make this a journal with lots of pics if i can get it started............................................
  2. You have incandescent light bulbs. They don't work well to grow pot... not a high ratio of light output to power consumed. Get some compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).

    The rule of thumb is 10,000 lumens per plant and no less than 5,000 in a stretch.
  3. Damm I Knew That Was Comming
  4. Im feeling generous, and did some work for ya. Go to this link, and you can view proper cfl's from 2 watts to 105 watts. Best thing about these bulbs is they have their ballast built onto the base of the bulb and can screw into any medium screw E26 light socket (your common household socket). 2000 lumens is way to low, you could get by on this for veg only. 10,000 lumens per plant is recommended, and any experience grower will tell you this, perfect example is in sig. More light will give you a better chance at having a good yield.
  5. 10,000 lumens per plant = Nonsense :eek:
    unless ya' wanna grow trees in the house
    Check out my grow;)
    I pull 3/4-1oz per week with only 5 - 42 watt CFL's
    SOG is the way-to-go
    Buy a coupla CFL's and some kinda' cab and learn to grow some pot... :cool:
  6. i went to that site and it looks pretty legit only like $7.00 for a bulb i might get high and order some lightbulbs online next paycheck ha ha

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