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  1. where is a city of grass when you need one ?
  2. everywhere my friend
  3. sorry but the City just doesnt compare to a nice fat Bowl O' Nuggets :)
  4. It's still here rainman!!!!!

    I also have been wondering about you my friend!!!!
  5. i wonder about every thing LOL to much med weeds or thc in the soul ! Na! how you all doing ! i am breeding my way to fame !

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  6. where do you think all that fancy shamcy smoke comes from.......
    i dont think tazzy has sac-o-weed full-o-seed :D

    very nice
  7. Holy SHNIT!...its taz!...long time no see brotha...hows life been?
  8. When you need a City of grass...it is always here.
  9. work and more work the ,but with a great out come !
    6/17 2003, TAZZ11's Conclusion, ( The Strain Base Line )…..High dudes! What's up ,now I want to make a conclusion on essence of life in cannabis but first I think refining the strain base line needs to be done so we are all on the same page, LOL , so this is how I see the line and how it works ,now for you that think it works some other way good for you but I don't want to hear it my self ! For get what you have been told by so many others , this is my conclusion ,what they think dose not concern me !this is how I under stand the strain base line and how it works in my opinion and you are more than welcome to try to under stand them as well as me ,as opinions vary. after reading this conclusion how the strain base line works well be like play to anyone !first  You well notice that the line is open at the ends ,second that sativa holds the upper level and is a thicker sub line .so what we have is a strain base line that has two parallel sub lines !next  We well look at a given strain .this 60/40 cross shows its points on the strain base line ! Here is how a IBL would hold its point on the line .see those open ends of the line allow the line to shift for purity and are not fixed in one place !only in this way can a strain hold more than one place on the line and still be seen as a IBL at both place on the line .and this is the only way I see that the debate about F1's an F2's can be under stood or explained, why you ask ?  Because all strains are not just 0%- 100% pure some may be - 20 or even 200% and we need to see only their give point on the line and that can only be done if the line is truly open at the ends ,this next picture shows just why !it's the relationship between strain and the line vs. other strains is why ! On line #1 we see a strain phenotype ,why in line #2 we see what most of the other plants from it's given group are ,this could be this way for this strain and the phenotypes could be less unstable as well ,but knowing that a IBL holds the points together one over the other we can easily see what strain is the more stable of the two strains shown ! This is to say a strain can be a stable IBL but dose not have to be pure to be stable ,and this is just why some phenotype are stable and others are not ,how you ask can that happen ,look at these two strains shown here ether strain could be the test group so if you have 10 seeds of #1 and one plant looks like #2 it is seen as the phenotype but in fact the same goes for if you had 10 seeds of the #2 and one plant looks like the #1 than it is seen as the phenotype ,this is why I said F1's and F2's are only matters of purity and stableness with in the strain base line and not the strains them self's ! point being a strain can fluctuate on the strain base line and still be stable and even a IBL for that matter !the fluctuating strain could be fluctuating by health ,purity ,stableness or other reasons like genetics ! And that's why some F1's are more stable than others because they may be stable but not as pure as others so unless you are breeding strains from the start all strains must be seen as F2's unless the breeders of the seed say other wise !and this is why some F2's and F3's are less stable because the breeders save the bigger budded plants or the bigger cola and not the most stable ones this adds to refining its yields and quality and not its stability as a strain ,so there it is ! Was the breeder looking for a IBL or fat buds or resin !, or even big secondary buds ,that's the guiding factors here as I see them !so I can take any strain and give it a place on the strain base line and if the sativa part of the cross is stable unless it's a pure sativa even if it's the 60% of a 60/40 it may be controlled by the indicia in the cross because the indicia is more pure weather it has more valium or not! so what some are saying is genetic drift I just cant buy it ! Its only a drift of purity or stableness with in the strain not the RNA it self !so to under stand this ! Here we see a strain that yes may be a 60% sativa but the indicia is more pure and in time this strain well show more indicia not that it has less sativa or has drifted only that one is more pure and controls the strain's place & stableness on the strain base line ! In time we may see the indicia level thicken because of warmer temps but for now I see them as they are !
  10. this is one of the grafts i made for the gender line and how strains relete to gender as well as the hermie factors !,i hope you like the taste of this book there are 17 conclusion so far and most of the time i have been gone i have not had a day off yet !enjoy !

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  11. i got to say i am sorry to the world for rewriting the theories of growing cannabis but i dont have the time to waste looking for the best med weeds in the world so i am makeing them ! ,developing and refineing them and under standing them at my own pace !world look out, my 5 year goals are 2 years early at this pace ,and i wont give up ,i wont walk away , i wont rest ! and yes i well share the harvest of wisdom with my friends !what else can anyone want from life !

  12. ^^
  13. you all wonder but thats something i could not change ,i can not risk the members of the C.CO.OP.and my work ! to be at any site i feel bad ! but would you trade the safty of thousands for the enjoyment of one! thats why i was out voted in the first place , your all far smarter than that !years of my hard work waits as this odd game plays its hand out !dont fear my friends this my have cost a lot to both of us but it well reward us as well ,i have 130 Candy Cain Thai seeds and 3 new rare hybrids and the makeings for a few others comeing togather so even to pay this price one needs to see what toll its paying !i have the strains in seed and can now make mass seed when ready ,but holding 79 strains in your hand is like holding sand ,skill and a artistic thinking is needed every second of the days and nights ,so thank you i mist you all as well !
  14. daaaymn! ya stumble back in here then throw that shit on us... my head is totally blown.
  15. 6 year old thread man!
  16. damm is it just me or is it weird everyone in this thread joined in 2001?sept me an lukas over there.

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