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240lbs ape of a man outsmoked by his 100lbs gf

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DopedUpFarmBoy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. It's really quite amazing how much weed my girlfriend can smoke without getting high. I first smoked with her on 4/20 (our first date :smoke:) and we both got pretty stoned over a couple joints of purple haze after a movie. However, the last couple of times I've smoked with her it took her like, 1 1/2 joints to 2 joints to do what a half of a joint was doing to me. I mean, I'll be fuzz-balled stoned and she's acting like she only had a beer or two. The first time she started to outsmoke me I thought I was trippin'. I've been smoking much longer than her too. It's unbelievable :p
  2. Sounds like a good lady. Legend has it my friends mom could clear a six foot bong without coughing in college.
  3. Never let her go! haha your one of the lucky ones man
  4. I really am, bra. It almost actually scares me how much fate has played a part of me getting to know this wonderful girl. She moved here to live with her gramps last year while her mom got her shit together but we never really talked until last may and we really hit it off. The night of our first date was gonna be this huge freaking dope party and every pothead/part-time junkie in town was going. You see, I come from a very small town. Basicly everyone was gonna bring all the weed and pills they had and mix it and share it but I turned them down to go to the movies with her. She's really the second person I've ever met that truely "gets" me. I was the first guy to ever buy her flowers. Actually I was her first for alot of things, including the guy that took her virginity. I'm so in love it's crazy. The really funny part is that almost every single guy I know was trying to date her since she moved here but I start talking to her and in two weeks we're dating. Out of five months there's hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't talked to her for atleast an hour but we usually talk for four. Sorry if I'm rambling but I'm high on HC cough syrup right now.
  5. THAT is not cool AT ALL, she will end up smoking all you weed.:smoking:
  6. ive smoked for years, and still get high off of a nice bong rip, w/ dank of course
  7. sounds like my kinda girl. i'll bet shes good lookin too.. haha lucky you,man. ps i also know but have not yet dated chicks like this
  8. You smokin her up for free every time?
  9. Gotta love them redheads ^^)

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  10. Does she know you're posting pictures of her on a weed forum?

    I know my girlfriend would have my balls.

    edit--in a blender
  11. who's got more body fat? a.k.a. more places to get you higgghhhh
  12. Well, I, for one, am glad that my wife doesn't smoke more than me. That would be way too costly. The best thing is to be with someone who doesn't blaze but doesn't trip on it either. I know what you're saying, "But eleven357, if they don't smoke weed, then they probably won't let me either" Well thats complete bullshit. There IS someone out there for everyone, and for me personally, my wife was sent from God. Her parents grow and were in High Times a few years back so I guess I am lucky she doesn't smoke more.

    PS - About your GF not getting high here are some possible explainations

    1 - Your GF has been smoking longer and/or more than you therefore having a higher tolerance to THC, thus taking more weed to get her high.

    2- She is exhaling as soon as the hit is inhaled, or in other words, not holding her hits in for at least 10 sec or so.

    3 - If its not either of the first two, then she is out to smoke ALL YOUR WEED! lol

    jk about that last one haha


  13. ... that's now how it works lol, it all depends on the receptors in your brain
  14. AHaha, I laughred my ass of at the title of this, but hey man if you are happy with her then thats all that matters, you two seem good for each other.
  15. hahah hopefully she throws down. i used to have a girl who would smoke all my weed, it sucked. i just got a new girl though. we havent burned together yet, but she says she loves weed. hopefully she aint like the last one
  16. this thread title sounds like a tabloid headline
  17. No offense, but I haven't been outsmoked in years. I dont think its possible for me to get too high, not with this kind of tolerance.
  18. Yeah I've thought about quitting for a month just so I can get super stoned.

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