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2400 digit dance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. :::Doing the 2400 post digit dance:::

    ::eek:n my head::
  2. ooh! been so busy posting and reading i totally missed that!

    woohoo! ;D

    another landmark broked.
  3. for he's a jolly good fellow
    for he's a jolly good fellow
    for he's a jolly good feeeeeelloooow [in high pitch tone]
    and so say all of us


    [i'm getting mighty close to 500 now, a couple of more days]
  4. hahaaaaa nice pic ganjamom :p

    congradullationals to digit mon :D *wondering how many of them there posts are polls* lol :) good going digit!!
  5. How did I miss this thread?!

    Congrats on the backwards 420x10!!!!!

    ::does the 2400 post dance for Digit...over and over again::

  6. ::::::doing a special 2435 posts dance just for Digi-baby:::::

    I'm also sending vibes to you! Can you feel them???? :D
  7. lol, critter, that dance-icon was just hilarious!!
  8. well done it must take years to get that many

  9. oh! that was you!
    yeah i picked up on those vibes. :D
    i need to send more good vibrations and vibyness your way.

    thnx everyone.
  10. Wow, you're at 2475 now. Almost to 2500. Congrats. I'm doing the white boy wiggle for you.
  11. digit hits 2500!!!

    i know that its at 2499, but if he posts a reply here, it'll be 2500;) my evil master plan[​IMG]
  12. Congrats, Digit!! Tokin' one for you this very minute! I love your polls!

    was it because she stops children from developing the ability to speak? was it because she has an impossably shaped dildo on her head? was it []ijust[/i] because she's a tellytubbie? why oh why? :(

    poor lala.

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