24: Season 8

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  1. Favorite moments from the two-night, four-hour season premiere?

    Obviously every moment with Davros the hitman (AKA Percy from The Green Mile)

    Jack surprising a guy with an ax to the chest

    Farhad stabbing the cop in the neck with a pen

    Freddie Prinze Jr. swerving into the motorcade and absorbing the blow from the IED

    And my personal favorite so far, Renee Walker cutting off her Russian informant's hand to bypass the house-arrest bracelet (although Gredenko from S6 gets the points for having done it first)

    I'm happy the new director of CTU is a little more inclined to let Jack Bauer get his way...when Jack offered to help Renee go undercover, Hastings was like, "Hell yeah, what do you need? Guns?"
  2. New episode tonight

    I can't wait for the Russian guy to wake up and be like, "Hey, where's my hand"
  3. Man, there was a huge following for this show last year...I'll pathetically bump this one more time

    Anyone see the kid with the explosive vest? Jack Bauer's hands were shaking like a leaf and he's like, "I can't do this....peace" BOOOOOOM!

    And I haven't read any spoilers, so this is purely a guess on my part, but I think Stephen Root's character isn't a probation officer. I think the two dead guys had probably called him and told him about the incredible robbery they pulled off and now he can't get in touch with them and he fuckin' wants that loot. He needs it.

    I really need some Jack Bauer enhanced interrogation, though. Ethics and "the new CTU" be damned, I want to see him shoot someone in the leg.
  4. the blood splatter in the chamber was pretty awesome.

    next week's episode looks like it'll be really good.

    i'm getting pretty tired of the dana/cole subplot. hopefully it develops into something bigger than just a distraction that keeps them from doing their jobs. i totally agree that dude probably isn't really a probation officer. possibly kevin's father?
  5. i'm having trouble motivating myself to watch this season. i don't know what it is. very little of what is happening is that interesting to me. if this thing with dana doesnt turn into something really interesting, i swear i am going to gouge my eyes out its such an annoying waste of talent. that thread in particular feels like an insult to my intelligence right now.

    the show used to take its time to develop, now it just feels like tarzan swinging from one vine to the next. every lead dies or dead ends just in time for some other thing to randomly open up. there used to be a flow to it, now it just seems like you could take everyone out of the show and things would just happen anyway.

    i wish all of this wasn't my truth, i used to love this show but it seems to have hit its peak (season 5) and jumped the shark (season 6) and is moving forward on autopilot.

  6. That storyline pissed me off too, until she and Freddie Prinze Jr. killed those two scumbags and sank their bodies haha

    And Freddie Prinze's gruff New Yawk accent is hilarious

    Season Five is absolutely the peak of the show...particularly when Jack was on the airplane and Logan is waiting to see if the plane is going to crash...that part of the season lasted like four weeks and it was so suspenseful
  7. When Dana Walsh strangled the probation officer she became one of the best characters

    But she's also with the terrorists? That doesn't make sense....booooo....boo this woman
  8. Officially cancelled, but at least there's a possible movie in the works
  9. It might go to NBC though... cmon lowly NBC, buy some ratings, please!
  10. Wow this is one of the best seasons ever and aren't they doing fine with the ratings? I don't see why it would just be suddenly cancelled like that. I think Fox is just April fooling everyone.
  11. One of the best season ever? Noooo wayyyy. They had to throw in like 15 story lines just to take up time because they are having trouble writing 24 hours worth of material anymore. It's starting to get stale. That won't keep me from watching it every single week though. I can easily see though how some people are losing interest quick.
  12. President Hassan

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    Actually, when they dropped revelation on me, I instantly understood why she was planning to kill the two idiots who were fucking with her. Before, I thought she must be insane or it was stupid writing both there and with the strangling of the probation officer. Now, both situations make a little more sense if she has to do whatever it takes not to be discovered. Also answers the nagging question of why she didn't just get out ahead of those two assholes and come clean herself.

    Although I am really, really disappointed she isn't already in an interview room. It was mind-bogglingly obvious all through last night's episode.

    Have you seen season 5? I'm sorry, but this season is barely as good as last season and last season wasn't awfully compelling.

    Anyway, they did the right thing canceling. I don't think its about ratings, I think it's about the fact that the well has dried up. Think about it.

    When Dana was outed, I immediately said "TOKEN MOLE!" Because it seems like there's almost always a mole. You'd think they'd learn.

    Here's an interesting question:

    How do you think the show/season should end?

    My answer:
    I have always felt that the show should either end or segue into a spinoff with Jack's death. In this case, Cole's character development doesn't really merit a spinoff, so I say Jack has to die and the show has to end. Why? Because he's done some stupid shit in the last 8 seasons that should have killed him (and at least once did), we need a closure that finally lets go of Jack's invincibility and reminds us that actions have consequences. His luck should finally catch up to him.

  14. Jack's going to live (there's a movie in the works and it ain't starring Freddie Prinze Jr.)

    When the season ends, he'll be stepping on an airplane to go to California to be with Kim and his granddaughter. I hope Renee's with him.

    In my mind, everything hinges on the movie deal. Jack wants more than anything to retire, so I don't see him being reinvigorated and stepping back into CTU. He's probably going to disappear into a quiet life - until the next terrorist attack rears its head.
  15. Man I thought it was quick how Renee died. I'm hoping Jack goes trigger happy on them russians.

    This is the first season of 24 I've ever seen and I must say I'm intrigued.
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    DAMN! What kind of suit is Jack wearing? That shit looks badass, especially the mask.

    3 and 1/2 hours to go!

    Edit: was this the 22nd episode? Damn so only 2 hours to go.

    Jack brought the slaughter!
  17. Yeah, best episode ever

    I mean, the end of Season Five was the best.....but this was the best single episode I've ever seen

    Jack in the Batsuit was badass

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