24 hours of darkness for flowering

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  1. Is this possible? Just want to know or it's simple 12/12 thanks.
  2. Not clear what you are asking. You mean just leave the plants in darkness for 24 hours a day for 2 months or so of flowering? You mean start the flowering cycle with 24 hours of darkness? You mean end the flowering cycle with 24 hours of darkness? Something else?
  3. I wondered myself what if you had constant light for veg and then.instead of 12/12 to flower, 24 on/24 off to flower. But I don't know if it has gown naturally anywhere that gets photoperiods like that so it probably wouldn't work. I know they're finicky about the cycle as it is
  4. It was to leave them in 24 hours darkness for flowering. Guess it's not possible just wanted to know. Thanks
  5. Not possible, or just untried? I read an article one time about experimental photoperiods. Some are possible,but 12/12 works best.
  6. For two or more straight months? No, dead plants.
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    Yeah lol that's not what he meant, atleast I hope not!
  8. Yeah, and 12/12 is the tried and true so
  9. I read an article also. but it said to turn off light last day of flowering right before harvesting. to give it a boost on the last day. something along those lines.
  10. I have tried that,it works to stop small growth near the top and increases resin w/ some strains.

  11. Oo. I feel like I've heard that before and I can see it being legit. Don't the roots do more developing in the dark?
  12. the only thing do you think 24 hours will really make that much of a difference. just asking
  13. it can be for more than 24 hours, although thats all I've experienced. some people use the last 24-48 hours before harvest for dark, along with a small heater.the kind that burns the air making it really dry. dry air plus dark stresses plant to try to protect flowers from drying up by making more resin
  14. I had a surprise apartment inspection with 2 days notice 2 weeks into flowering, and I ended up putting them into a storage unit I already had rented out. They were in complete darkness for probably 36 hours and they did stretch alot more than usual and sprout alot of hairs. That being said, I'm sure they would of eventually died in complete darkness.
  15. Yeah it's true plants feed of light too. Thanks guys for ya opinion
  16. If you really wanted to try I would try something a little less extreme. Maybe like 14/10 or something. I have heard that 13/11 works pretty well? Stupid rumor?
  17. I read on here just the other day something about how 13/11 and 14/10 can have slightly different, and sometimes advantageous, results.
  18. 12/12 gives you the most rapid flowering, switching to 14 off 10 on near the last 2 weeks makes em "ripen" faster

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