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  1. I have never grown before, but I am planning to do so in the future. I have been reading some growing guides, and I have a few questions.

    at what point do you switch from the 24 hour light cycle to the 18/6 vegetation cycle? should I do this after 4 internodes, or what?

    also, can the ScrOG method be used from seeds, or just clones? if this can be done with seeds, at what point do start attaching the branches to the screen?

    I am not sure which type of light to buy. my planned growing area is 2' wide and 2' deep. I only want to buy one light, so I was looking at the son agro so that it would have the blue range for the veg cycle and the red for the flowering period. I think that might be too many watts for my application though. Is there anoter good alternative? some insight would be much appreciated on this one.

    I could ask a million more questions, but this should work for now.

    puff puff pass,
  2. after planting the seed, when it sprouts, keep it under fluros on 24/0 for a few days, and then transfer into the room, with the HPS, on a cycle of 18/6 i've found is best overall........but some growers will use 24/0 to save time.......Peace out.......Sid

    as for light size, you'd get away with a 150w
  3. I was going to use the 430w son agro for the blue spectrum, but i don't need that much power in the space I will be growing. if I use a 150w hps, do I need to use a mh light during vegetation to prevent spindly stems?
  4. it'll be fine with just the HPS.......MH is better for veg, with the more blue spectrum, but best all rounder is the HPS...........a 430 will be a great light, but you have to think about heat problems, and how tall the growroom is as well, if your gonna use that size of light...........Peace out..........Sid
  5. do you know if I could do a ScrOG grow with seeds? most of the things I have read suggest doing it with clones, but I don't have any plants to clone, or any friends growing.

    I hope to grow 4 plants. I plan on planting 10 and praying for 4 ladies. I was gonig to keep the seedlings under flouros for about 10 days, then switch to the hps set-up. once the males have shown themselves, I was going to eliminate them from the crop and train the females to the screen. do you think this would work well? am I neglecting anything important?

    insight would be appreciated
  6. i'm no expert on scrog, but i'm pretty sure the general idea is to have a lot of smaller plants, and the emphesis is more so on growing a big cola, and having a constant harvest strategy, by using clones..... you'd only have 4 plants, you'd have better results with training the females to allow as much light penetration as possible............Peace out.........Sid
  7. Just a thought...

    I wouldn't reccomend the 24/0 light cycle. At least not with the HPS. I have never tried with floros, so I don't know about them. I tried that in my first grow last year. I started them out in early spring indoors with 24/0 and them moved them outdoors. They never grew much at all. A complete waste of time.

    I used 20/4 this time during veg and it went really well. I need a diff lgt srce for flower though. I used 2 300W Halo floor lmps for veg.
  8. sidious,

    to train the fem to allow light penetration, would I just twisty-tie the main stem back down? would more internodes form, or just would more branches come from the nodes present?

    if I am way off, which I might be, how would I do it?

    if I was right, should I use a good size fan to strengthen the stem? if I do that, I worry about depriving the plant of co2.

    drop me your thoughts please.

  9. like camman said, don't run an HPS on 24, they get to hot, and you can reduce it's strength as well, as HPS bulbs do lose there worth after so many hours.

    as for the fan, i have a fan oscilating across my plants from approx 1 week old........a small fan, and then a bigger fan as they get older, it helps to strengthen the stem.

    as for tying the plant down....yes some growers di it the way you described, but i do it, by piercing holes around the lip of the pot, and tying the branches towards the edge of the pot.......to open her up......this allows more light to get inside her, and to lower buds.....like in this pic.......Peace out........Sid

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  10. Nice pic Sid. Wish mine looked like that. I'll post an updated pic later.
  11. I am kind of stuck on deciding which plant to grow. I know that I want to gtow a hybrid, prodominately indica. I need something that I can keep small, won't reak to heaven during flowering, and will be potent.

    I looked around iziseeds, but is there a larger (but still trustworthy) seedbank out there?

    ps - sid, I will trade you a kidney for that plant :)
  12. Let me reccomend White Widdow. A small compact plant that is very potent.
  13. there's a guy from the U.K. on his way to the U.S.A. to sell his kidney to someone for about $150,000 to pay for the treatment for his daughter as she has Cerebal palsy (spelling?) it's getting worse here when you have to resort to things like that to get better treatment in the USA............Peace out........Sid

    and white widow is a nice powerful plant.....don't know about the smell as i've yet to grow it........
  14. I was considering white widow, but I am afraid of the smell during flowering. I know it isn't the skunkiest of strains, but 4 plants might just be rank. is there a good way to cover this smell?

    another question:

    should I buy feminized seeds? I don't want males, but I most definitely don't want hermies. should I just get normal seeds and run the gauntlet?
  15. well that's what i'm here for........i figure if i can help people grow the weed, and if they "pay it forward" then this info will eductae millions of growers all over the world..........well that's what i hope for anyway.....lol...........Peace out.......Sid
  16. thoughts on the feminized seeds?
  17. you know shady, i had a whole page about femenised seeds there and lost the lot......damn......here's the shortened version.....

    some like them.....some don't......down to personal prefrence

    first grow?....i'd go with normal seeds, as you'll learn more from your growing experience.

    i like iziseeds selections......lots of good ones in there...........Peace out.......Sid
  18. lol.....

    ay shady...(hate the name shady, gets me mad when people called me shady since my nick name is shade..lol.)....

    anyway.. ethier start with bag seeds of cheap seeds.... there aswell a lot of growguides in vatoloco sticky, and aswell sid grow guide in the signature... good guides. all these quetion u asking should be answer in the grow guides.... once u read them, and still got quetion about some things, we will be happy to help u out.. but we cant help if u dont want to help your self first...latezzz....
  19. lol.....shady=supashady, not you 420shade, lol.......you been smokin that chronic again?.......Peace out.......Sid
  20. i know it wasent ment to me Sid... but just remind me off when females called shady instead of shade, and some friends aswell called shady cuzz they know it gets me mad..lol.. wish i had chronic.... all i got is mexican shit...(stress).lol....

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