24/7 vs 18/6 veg cycle questions

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  1. Hey guys, Im in the 5th week of Veg and switched to 18-6 from 24-0 light schedule 5 days ago. A few questions.

    1. Does 18-6 produce a lot less yield?
    2. Is it ok to switch back to 24-0 after a week or so?
  2. I've done both 18/6 and 24/7 but haven't tested the difference between the two personally. I've read that 24/7 produces about 10% more veg than 18/6, so it helps... but you're spending an extra 25% energy for a 10% gain, so it's not cost effective. That said, if you're not worried about the cost, it'll help some.

    You can always switch lighting around as long as you aren't switching in and out of 12 hours of dark or longer. That stresses the plant because it forces it in and out of flowering. There may be minor stress associated with switching hours around otherwise, like from 18/6 to 14/10 or something. I don't know that there is, but I wouldn't be surprised.
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  3. I always do 18/6 because it closest to normal. Just means longer the veg until where you want it to flower.
  4. I only put them on 18/6 if I want to slow down their growth. I have a veg room and a flower room and if my vegging plants are going to out grow the veg room before there's room in the flower room I'll put them on 18/6 to slow their growth.
    I look at it like this 24hrs light gives them 2 more days of growth per week than 18/6 gives them.
  5. Cannabis doesnt benifit from a dark period in veg. 24 hours of light has always gotten me to flower faster.
  6. Is it ok to switch back to 24?
  7. Yes, no problem.
  8. i run 24hr now but i used to run 18/6 i found that 24hr light keeps nodes so close and tight the truth behind that is undecided but the theory is the plant will try and stretch that little bit more inbetween nodes when introduced to dark period. flicking lights schedule in veg a healthy plant will not be bothered it will just keep on vegin :D
  9. Yep, as mentioned above, you can change the light schedule during veg and they'll keep on trackin.

    What light schedule to use is personal in my opinion....you have TONS of people who SWEAR by both. Play around with it and see what fits your growing needs.
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  10. thank you guys youre the best!
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