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  1. I had a thought the other day, and wanted to see if anyone else has heard or thought of this. What are the results when a traditional flowering light schedule is changed from 12on/12off to 24on/12off. Will flowering continue? Is there a maximum period of time between dark cycles that induces vegetation again? Any thoughts are encouraged, I just want to see if this has been tried before shooting in the dark...

  2. Still looking for anyone with experience implementing this light schedule during flowering? For that matter, from seed? I have two female Bubblelicious clones that need another month or so in veg, and another fem bub clone that is about 1" small, i mean tall, and has two sets of branches coming up. Maybe I will experiment with the small clone, since I don't have very high expectations for it at this point. The other two are very healthy, and I am timid about experimenting on them, as I need a couple consecutive harvests to build up my reserves. Any comments or thoughts are suggested and encouraged. Peace!

  3. There was an experiment done by another bro over at icmag.... he did 24 on and 12 off...

    Results - he had to shell out some serious jack to buy good timers that would keep up with this rotating 24/12 schedule (since each day would be a different on/off)

    Bottom line - I believe he only shaved a few days off the grow and the yeild was far from being worth the extra effort.

    For more info just google or hop over to ic... shouldnt be hard to find - it was a huge thread.

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