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  1. Is it ok to change from a 24 hour light schedule to 18/6? my 3 plants have been under 24/0 for about 3 weeks and seem to be doing good, but i recently added a 400watt MH and its getting really hot in there and dont like the idea of running that 24/7.. so can I switch to 18/6 with no adverse effects on my plants ?
  2. I'm thinking about 24/0 with fluorescent in a little cabinet I got for these seeds I'm germinating and will do that till they outgrow the cabinet them switch to a 400w HPS in my closet. I was personally thinking 20/4 but I would also like to hear some professional advise.
  3. plants wont even notice till you go 12-12. i have been going the 18-6 its a little cheaper. idont notice any diff to the plants.:wave:
  4. 20/4 is the maximum you plants can absorb and the minimum amount of rest they require.

    If your leave your lights on 24/0 they will shut off for 4 hours by themselves.

    Do what you like but 20/4 is the most logical option.
  5. Shouldn't be any probs just don't let it get use to 18x6 for a while.

  6. Not true. Cannabis does not require a rest period. 24/7 is the "most logcial option" from a growth perspective as it promotes the most growth. 18/6 and 20/4 are great choices if you are looking to save a little on your electric bill :hello:

    Hoped I helped.

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