23 days old. Take a look and let me know.

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  1. Like the title says these 4 plants are 23 days old today. I have them under a 250 watt hps on 18/6 light schedule. Let me know how they look and answer the one question i do have.

    On one of the plants two of the leafs are curving inward. You'll be able to see what i'm talking about in the pictures but what could be causing this? I water the plants every 2-3 days depending on how moise the soil feels.

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  2. looks alright, they look really small to be honest, what does the soil consist of and what nutes are you using. I also think the light looks EXCEPTIONALLY far away from the plants, i would get em a lot closer, and make sure you get a fan blowing accross the soil to stimulate a healthy stem (from the movement from the air) as well great gas exchange.

  3. I'm sorry i neglected to mention that i already do have a fan on them to help with strengthening the stem. I will move the light closer to the plants but what is the optimal distance so that i don't fry my plants. In regards to the soil I purchased soil according to grandpas grow guide. I think the reason that the plants aren't as tall as normal is because i didn't start them off in smaller plants so what i'm guessing happened is that the roots grew first them the plant because at first it took a long time for the plants to even sprout.

    What i'd like to know is how far should i place the light away from the plants?
  4. bump for lighting distance advice.
  5. I beleive its 16' with a HPS. just put youre hand over youre plants for a min and if it feels hot/uncomfortable than raise it a bit more. hope this helps .:smoking:

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