21" Woodgrain Illadelph Pickup (And Advice on Next Piece?)

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  1. Hey all. Just picked up this 21" Illadelph about a month ago, and I thought I'd throw the pictures up from when I got it, as I'm kinda new around here:

    Closeup of the woodgrain label:

    Matching amber downstem w/woodgrain label:

    Little worked bowl I picked up:

    Illadelph standard bowl (with HiSi showerhead ashcatcher, also from this pickup, in the background):

    Also lookin to the City for some advice on my next piece. I'm thinking either a PHX single honeycomb, or a SYN full showerhead. Opinions (and pictures?!) from owners of those pieces, or people who have smoked, them are extremely welcome.

    Stay lifted, GC.
  2. Looks pretty sick how much it set you back?
  3. Honeycomb is nice, or the peyote pillar by Sovereignty

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QehqSnq3DE]SG Sovereignty Pillar Perc (close-up 1) - YouTube[/ame]
  4. The SYN Showerhead is an unbelievable perc. I highly recommend this tube. Just the showerhead and splash guard is all you need, there is enough diffusion so no need for another perc really. Only drawback is that it is a little harder to clean but buy a nice 90 degree ash catcher and you are golden!

    I have a local blown stemless to inverted shower cap that is basically a design copy of SYN. I'm sure the SYN hits the same if not better than mine and mine hits like a beauty. I wish mine didn't have another perc because the showerhead diffuses plenty, especially with an ash catcher on there, and also the water tends to splash up from the mighty showerhead into the other perc.

    I love this perc so much I might buy a simple SYN full showerhead also just so I can have the same feel minus the additional perc.
  5. I hit a phx once and it was smooth but I think you are better off with syn

  6. Man, those SG Peyote Pillars are unreal... but a bit out of my price range. I think next fall I might have to pick up a SG King stem or something. I'm actually ordering an SG gridded downstem for this illy, as I hear they're better than the stock showerhead, and from personal experience I like the SG gridded a bit more than Alex K, although Alex K downstems are still amazing.

    For the dude who asked, I got it for like 300 out the door, also with a carbon filter, the extra bowl, a spool of hemp wick, and some purple power. I know it's a $300 water holder, being a straightshooter and all, but I've always been a big fan of Illadelph and didn't feel like dropping $1000 on a nice ice cube.

    Thanks for the response, blades. Stay lifted.
  7. I'd say that is a fair price for an illy
  8. Haha the pillar is going to shit on a phx honeycomb but it is very expensive. The illadelph looks dope, one of my friends here at school has a big illy beaker and though I don't agree with the pricing, it milks the fattest rips. Thing kills.

    I would go definitely go with the SYN over the PHX if you are still thinking about that. If you are looking for a similar tube to a SYN showercap, I would recommend a cheaper option in the Dirty Rico Inverted Circ. I like the bent neck and styles of the rico better and it diffuses real well for a single perc. They run around $220.

  9. +rep dude thanks so much for the detailed post. Where can I find a Dirty Rico? Also, what do you guys think of El Hefe? I just PM'd him on TC about making me a push/tini to match the woodgrain, since I haven't seen any woodgrain-themed headiness in my neck of the woods (pun intended).
  10. Dirty Rico is based in Seattle from what I understand and are more prevalent in the West Coast. The only store I know that sells them in the east/mid-atlantic is a headshop in Baltimore. Where do you live? I will pm you about one option
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    Ontario, Canada, my dude. The only HS high-grade enough might be Liquid Chrome in Barrie, I know they carry Toros and stuff like that.

    Edit: I just saw an SG King Stemline video, and holy crap. I might have to scrape up the extra cash and get that instead.
  12. That is a beautiful piece my friend, I haven't seen an illadelph in ontario or quebec yet.
    Another pretty good supplier of heady glass is in kitchener ontario, Shakedown street is the name of the headshop.
    They have a good variety of glass and very nice customer serivce.
    Liquid chrome would be the only other shop I know of that sells actual high quality stuff.
  13. Hows the ash catcher? I was thinking of picking one of those up. You think you could post a milk of it and give your opinions of it?
  14. I actually did pick it up in Ontario, from Peace Pipe on Queen West. Had to make like a 2hr trip to get there, but it was well worth it, and we stopped at Vapor Central for a couple bags before heading home, too. If you've ever in the area or just passing through, come take a bowl break homie.
  15. Peace pipe, hm. I will have to check them out sometime, thanks for the offer hombre, stay medicated my friend ;)
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    Get a SG Stemline or 2012 BC Netline next

  17. Buying an SG Natty Splash Stemline from another blade in the next few days. Stay posted for pics and milk. :)

  18. Out of personal experience the SG downstem is a real smooth hitting downstem. i prefer it over the leisure 6 arm anyday. (i have both)
    you cant go wrong with it.
  19. Get yourself the matching woodgrain Illadelph Disc ashcatcher!

  20. honestly the Disc AC is way too overpriced for what it is. they are really chuggy and draggy compaired to other circ or showerhead ACs. For 330 bucks you can get a sick worked ac from some other blower that will perform much better.

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