21 Inch Lux Double 5 Arm Tree Perc W/ Diffused Downstem Bong Hit

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  1. if anyone has a question about the downstem, we took a butane torch to it and bent it
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8fugAkNICc]YouTube - 21 Inch Lux Double 5 Arm Tree Perc Diffused Downstem Bong Hit[/ame]
  2. Nice piece, I have so much stuff I'm trying to "save up" for, I can't wait till I have money set aside for one of those things I saved up for to be some new glass.

    Is he out of breathe near the end or does it have a slight bit of drag when clearing. Just seems like the chambers too a bit to fully clear. But props on being able to clear the entire thing, or at least it appears no smoke was left behind.
  3. I think what your talking about is a mix from A. having really bad allergies this time of year and B. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a week before this video so I still couldn't rip it as hard as I do now
  4. ^ I figured it wasn't the piece. It just seemed you were a bit out of breath. But I understand not being about to get that hard clearing suction you'd normally want.
  5. how did you bend the glass one's heated up
  6. i used to have that exact tube....nice
  7. with a welders glove
  8. Right on. Enjoy.
  9. Nice tube, what tune is playing in the background? Its gooood :smoke:
  10. nice lux i got a similar brand to that
  11. you should hit that tube straight up and down to engage the percs in the correct manner. nice piece, and sweet DIY on the bent downstem
  12. ya i was just too medicated to care at that point. just pulled out the camera and hit it

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