2022 Grow

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  1. Have more pics but this crappy site wont upload them. Was a very good year, grew my first 9' plant and the crop out was very abundant and Hi quality.

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  2. looks nice and healthy and pest and pm free great job
  3. Had very little problems with pest this year. Grass hoppers were a problem early in the grow and I used Neem on them. Had some issues with Bud worms, my bud loss was only an ounce not bad, I'm retired so I'm able to check the plants many times a day to pick off pests This site wont let me post the really good pics but I'll keep trying. If you guys didn't notice the sun has changed to a whiter color not orange. I think this is the reason for the giant plants we grew, I did nothing different than usual in 2022 but the plants were huge 5'x9'.
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  4. THE SUN CHANGED A WHILE BACK and yes i noticed
  5. Damn, just that one crop would last me a lifetime! I'm a lightweight. :vaping:
  6. [​IMG]
    make a grow journal and load them up their Marijuana Grow Journals
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  7. BT once a week every week in flower will stop the Caterpillars.
    ZZ BT 22.jpg

    Destroyed by sunlight in a few hours it is organic rated and effective if used on a regular basis.
    Running a bug zapper nearby helps limit the moths as well.

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  8. I got it. :hello:

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