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2020 presidential election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheHighestRoller, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Its almost time for us to select the new leader of our great nation, for years now presidental canidates have had there views on marijuana and how it should be handled and the majority of presidents have viewed it negatively, not until obama took office has their been actual moves and procedures took to legalize medicinal marijuana. And now we are moving forward to recreational marijuana, so make sure the person you are electing thinks about weed in a positive way and actually wants to help more states legalize marijuana recreationally, president trump has helped pass many diffrent bills for states to legalize cannabis for more sources of revenue in citys, countys, and states that need it. He doesn't want to prosecute individuals for using marijuana or for helping the marijuana movement go forward. Do your research and help the cause for all of us that use marijuana for medical and personal reasons. Its about time
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  2. Well, yknow...I'll be your leader.
  3. Marijuana legalization is pretty far down the list of priorities, but I'd like to see it.
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  4. Biden has taken money from companies who manufacture painkillers and other pharmaceuticals most likely so he won’t support legalization.
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  5. IMHO, the cannabis band wagon has always been such a cash cow for law enforcement/judicial system and that's why the legalization movement has been creeping along as slow as it has.

    It's just really hard to let go of all that free asset seizure, court costs/fines, probation payments, and private prison industry so easily acquired from mellow, non dangerous criminals who are mostly- nowdays- just opting out of pharmaceutical addictions and harmful side effects.
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  6. Biden’s plan is to reschedule marijuana as a schedule 2 drug handing over all control to the government and big pharma. This would criminalize anybody in the industry that is legally selling. From that point on it would legitimately be medical and only obtainable and legally usable through an actual pharmaceutical prescription. Yikes my guys let’s not vote for this one.
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  7. You most likely get 4 more years of pretending Trump is directly responsible for every little first world problem in your life and then you get to shovel the shit around and pretend like it's a new pile and bitch that someone else is ruining your life.

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