2013 Texas Outdoor Grow

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  1. Wow.. that is a good looking plant. I will be sure to take some pics today. Unfortunately I have discovered that on of mine is a male, possibly, a hermie. Oh well what can you do but make hash...lol

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  2. Here is my most recent pic

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  4. Aww man that kinda sucks and ur plants are coming alot great
  5. Can anybody help me figure out what kind of lil pest problem in having..i have been spraying pesticide for flowers for like 2 weeks now and i cant get rid of this...usually when i catch them they are small white to yellowish looking caterpillars with black heads and they make the leaves join together with webbing i open them up get rid of the lil bugs and spray the plant pesticide which is suppose to protect the plant from aphids spider mites white flys and caterpillars but i keep seeing this please help you guys!!
  6. Its not letting me upload pics rite now so ill post some later
  7. I know an organic (legit) farmer that boils a pot of water with whole garlic cloves and habanero peppers for a little bit then lets it cool/steep over night off the burner. Filter and add that to a spray bottle and spray that on your plants to keep pest off.

  8. CAM004471.jpg CAM004511.jpg CAM004521.jpg these are pictures of the pest problem im having
  9. These are the lil culprits that are eating up my laides :mad:  :cry: ...can anyone help me find out what they are and how to get rid of them...they are some type of caterpillar I think not sure tho CAM004701.jpg
    CAM004721.jpg CAM004731.jpg
  10. According to google, these are "bud worms" and a common way to get rid of them is to use "Bacillus Thuringiensis" or BTK/BT. Its organic and harmless to humans.
    "BTK in dust form can be used to kill caterpillars. BTK can also be used to foliar spray your plants. One tablespoon of neem oil added to your BT mix helps stick the mix to the plants better when you are foliar spraying.. BTK is available in liquid form. Apply BTK on all of the leaves both top and underside If you decided using the dust kind,spray your plants down with water before you apply the dust Apply every week to 2 weeks and or after it rains. The caterpillars must eat the BT as they are feeding on foliage in order for the caterpillars to be rid of."
  11. thanks man ill try to find it next time i go to lowes/home depot

  12. spray some malathion on it
  13. How u liking these triple digit days, check out my indoor dwc my babies have been going for 16 days now.

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  14. interested in seeing how these turn out. also in south texas and just recently started mine
  15. Hey bro. I had the same problem but it was caterpillers and snails... ya freakin snails..lol... oh well my plant are oing great anyhow.. had t murder 2 of them cause they werent sexy enough...lol.. 1373337099859.jpg

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  16. 1373997705953.jpg 1373997718667.jpg 1373997736652.jpg 1373997756869.jpg my ladies as of today
  17. Its been raining alot lately for 3 days now so i put towels to soak up some of the water didnt want the roots gettin toooo wet where they would drown
  18. 1373997956922.jpg
    Are these any signs of flowering or is it just showing off its sex a whole bunch because there still hasnt been any sun because of the rain for like 3 days or so and i know no sun for awhile can make them flower
  19. She's looking great man I've following from the beginning because its just like my grow keep it uo man

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    Your plants are looking great, mine are flowering now too, all but 2 are budding so farSent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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