2013 Texas Outdoor Grow

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  1. Hi Grass City!! :wave: This is the first thread I will be starting I am a beginner grow who resides in the hot state of Texas not that many people I know grow outdoors in Texas because of its strict laws against cannabis.. But I will give it a shot :hello:  I would love to get advice from many and who ever can help a beginner grower out

  2. These are the plants I will be growing the strains are unknown most likely kush they have been growing for 4 weeks so far
  3. Im trying to post pictures on here but I don't see them
  4. Post some pics if you can. Are your plant in the ground or in grow pots?
  5. @[member="tplat"] they are in pots but once they get bigger I will soon transplant to ground and im trying to post pictures but I cant find that option
  6. Welp these have been planted for 4 weeks but the small one to the far left was buried to deep and the growth was slow so its maybe 1 and a half weeks behind the others
    They look good and healthy sofar.
  8. @[member="tplat"] thanks man :smoking: only things I see so far is browning and yellowing on the leaves of two plants idk if its a nitrogen deficiency or what
  9. Hey guys been awhile since I been on here and a lot of things have happened since...SO I had 7 plants all together now only 4 because 3 of em turned out to be males so I will soon get rid of those...but I need help on transplanting my ladies into the ground these plants should be huge when October/November hits so how big would the holes have to be in depth and width? Also will I have to go get more soil or can I just used the soil in the ground which is very clayie  which would hold water more I believe....I guess this might turn out to be a sort of guirella grow....Please help thank you guys!! :hello:
  10. These are all of the ladies as of now :)

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    They look like they are going to get huge.  I think I would transplant them to larger pots before July comes around.
  12. Clay will retain too much water. Dig a 3 foot hole and backfill with compost.

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  13. Here are all 4 plants in 3x3x3 holes

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  14. They are in a spot where they get a good amount of sunlight and shade especially for the hot weather in texas how much water do you guys think i will have tk give them for this soon to come 90-100 degree weather in july and how often should i water
  15. Water the day the soil is dry on top. Or at least that's what I've always heard.
  16. What strain are they? Can you smell them, even outdoors?

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