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2013 Monster 4 Month Veg Indoors, Then To The Outdoors For Summer Vegging

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Double007, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Well this year I am doing it bigger than any past years,.

    I have 2 White Widow x Big Bud (Fem), 2 Big Bang#1 x Big Bud (Fem), and 1 Afghan Goo (Reg)

    These plants will have a 4 month indoor veg period and will be put outside in late April to veg the rest of the summer.

    Now if your ready to see some giants then stick around, these are some of the highest yielders out there and I expect no less than 4 pounds per plant minimum.

    This is also an experiment grow for me as well as i am trying to see the growth differential between Organic nutrients vs. Synthetics.

    I have the whole General Hydroponics General Organics line up as well as the Fox Farm synthetic line up. I will apply mycorrhizae to all organic fed plants.

    The soil i use is my own blend of FFOF, peat, perlite and other organic material.

    Sunny South Florida.

    Plants are 10 days old as of right now vegging under CFLs

    As of right now I think I have covered the Basics and here are the pictures of the grow up to this point.

    Day 1


    Day 3
    I found that the afghan has some genetics problems and is highly sensitive.

    Day 4

    Day 5


    Day 6

    Day 7

    Day 8

    Day 9

    Day 10


    Pics coming soon of the different strains and the Mycorrhizae application
  2. More pictures coming soon
  3. im sticking around sounds like its gonna be a good grow

  4. Just wait, I harvested 3 pounds off a plant vegged for a month indoors last year. It was 11 feet tall
  5. nice man, im starting up some outdoor plants in February hoping for a decent harvest I think ive got a pretty good spot picked out, ive got some indoors flowering right now you should check them out in my sig
  6. Ill check it out
  7. Mycorrhizae application #1

  8. bump............
  9. Damn!!! How tall is your ceiling? When you go outdoors with it do you transplant her into the ground, or just a big ass pot. I'm curious about this, subbed. 4 pounds, my god, will it be high quality bud you think? Will it reek for a huge distance? Will animals or humans do something to it? I'm very excited to see how this turns out for you, goodluck. :smoke:

  10. Hahah my ceiling is not very tall but i will lst all of them to keep as bushy as possible.
    Im in florida so the soil is not good here and still sucks when ammended. I will be putting them into their final 30 gallon smart pots about the end of april with my own premixed soil. It will be very high quality as the sun is the best form lf light you can use. Last year my plants did reek from a distance but I guerrilla grow so they will be far away from any kind of humanity in the woods. I keep most animals away by using wolf urine as a boundary line around my plants, even raccoons will not come near. Yes four pounds minimum :) these strains are some of the highest yeilders you can find.
  11. Where'd you find wolf urine? Think it would work for deer?
  12. Any outdoor store, I have a local one i can go to to get it. Yes it is amazing at repelling deer even bears
  13. Awesome! Do you just do a circle around the plants by a few feet? How often do you apply it?
  14. Yes i put it everywhere, from 5 feet away to 50 yards away, i dont want animals coming anywhere near, so even if im just walking along en route to my spot i will leave a little dab here a little dab there.

    you can apply it as much as you want, i usually bring a bottle everytime i visit just to be sure.
  15. Just a suggestion but if those are gonna be as big as you expect imho i would put them in kiddie swimming pools. I dont have any personal experience with outdoor grows but you might wanna creep over to SG1's multi strain report or COB thread. He gets about 4 1/2 lbs per outdoor plant but i dont think he vegs inside. Other than that im excited for you, definitely gonna be following this.

  16. Lol ive got experience in this this will be my 4th season.

    lol at the kiddie swimming pools smart pots come in various large sizes

    glad to have you aboard
  17. Cool shit just spit balling with ya. im flowering with 15 gal in my indoor grow, only reason why I suggested it. Happy Growing!!:smoking:
  18. Lol alls cool! :) gonna be a long road, but I promise if you stick around it will be inspiring!
  19. bump bump .
  20. Im going to do this same thing after my c99 finishes...

    White lavender plant.. ;)

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