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  1. From the Mayan calendar to the return of Planet X, there are several theories concerning the supposed disaster that will occur in December 2012. Do you guys believe in this shit, cause I personally don't
  2. Use the fucking search function

    This is only like the 10th 2012 thread this week. Seriously, if you're thinking about starting a new thread, do a search first.
  3. naa not really i think some weird thing might haappen but i doubt the end of world come. if it does fuck it and get high. i mean if it comes, it comes and it dont, it dont. half that shit was made up on lsd by the way. it was in long strange trip the book of the grateful dead. they were friends with one of the people that made that theory and was trippin on lsd all the time.
  4. You're an idiot if you believe the world is going to end, even relatively soon.
  5. I personally don't, but it's fucked up how many prophets from different time periods and different parts of the globe predicted it.
  6. the mayan calender ends
    my thought
    the calender maker dude died?
  7. Oh for god sakes, not another 2012 thread...

    PLEASE use the search function, its your friend
  8. You don't seem to mind the endless threads about DXM, do you? Chill the fuck out, you're not obligated to click on the thread.
  9. Yes, I do. But when they each ask a different question it's all good. This is just rehashing the same bullshit that has been going on all week.
  10. They are all generally asking the same questions: What is dxm like, is it safe, etc. And repeat: you're not obligated to click on the thread. And quite mature you are, -rep for "being a douche" because I told you to chill out and that you don't have to read the thread? lmao. Grow up please.
  11. Me grow up? You're the one complaining about -rep

    But you can have your thread back. No more crying :rolleyes:
  12. Good job extrapolating lol. Complaining, you say? I simply pointed it out to show you what a baby you are, getting all butthurt cause I told you to chill out. Rest assured though, I promise not to make another 2012 thread since it gets you all worked up for some strange reason, child ;)

    As an added bonus I won't even reply anymore, so you can enjoy having the last say! Savor it well kid

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