2012: Science or Superstition

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  1. I just got this on my netflix account. It is very interesting. There seems to be more and more of this kind of stuff coming out. I believe as a people we should be more open minded. I strongly support the use of cannabis and other of natures organisms being used to help us accomplish a better world together. Has anyone else seen this film? Thoughts?
  2. 100x100% bull shit. Solar radiation causing the earth's core to heat up??? If earth was being microwaved on that level, the earths core heating up would be the least of our worries. We would have been cooked LONG before the earth's center rose in temp.
  3. Half and half.

    Mostly bullshit because people still tend to think its a "Doomsday theory"

    Fact is, humans just arent special enough to have their own personal extinction.

    Its true because many things do point to an event in 2012. Either an astronomical event, or a socio-political event.
  4. All that I can say is if the country's electrical grid does NOT fail at midnight, Dec 31, 2011, I am going to be pissed. I waited up all night back in 1999 expecting the same thing to happen, and I could have punched some one when it didn't.
  5. Also, I hope the great lord Xenu saves me before any of this happens. I am at this very moment, constructing a time travel device, and will be arriving at the planed pick up point, a week from March 10, 2010.
  6. Complete and utter superstitious nonsense.

    They just throw in a little science here and there so that maybe people will take it seriously.
  7. HA HA HA I vote for a social reform! All the info pointing to Dec 21 2012 is interesting though. I think I want to be stoned to take it all in if it happens. I am going to request work off that day for sure :smoking:
  8. time travel hu? take me with you! and what's a week from March 10??? please say a big harvest ;)
  9. Dec 21st 2012*

    Also you set your hopes WAY too high
  10. Ok, ok. I would be ok with all nuclear missiles launching simultaneously, to random points on earth.
  11. uh...no...smoke weed...peace....remember? :)
  12. It has nothing to do with the nations infrastructure like y2k. In fact, thats the only y2k was. All the computers would reset to 1900 and everything would go to shit. Due to the stupidity of a nation, people didnt realize computer programmers already thought of this...
  13. but not so much that they lose interest
  14. why would anyone root for the world to end though? does you life suck so much that you want it ruined for everyone else?
  15. I wish 2013 would hurry up and arrive. I am so ill of reading these 2012 posts.

    Remember the END of the world in 2000? At least those folks still have plenty of beans and rice stored in the basement already.

    I gotta go now there is a lizard man knocking on my front door. I wonder what the hell he wants? He is likley just a Jehovah's Witness handing out the latest issue of Watch Tower........Bastards apparently cant read the NO Trespassing, NO Soliciting posters in my yard.

    Damn you Reptilian Jehovah's Witness!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the hell off my property before I skin your ass and make myself a new pair of Boots.
  16. Personally I think it is all BS. But when you get enough people believing in something they will make it happen. So in that sense I believe something WILL happen because civilation is expecting it.
  17. Where is that time travel machine when we need it? haha! Yay for 2013. and Lizard man? lol, I want some of what you're smoking ;) Damn those people who don't know how to read the no soliciting signs- maybe you should help them sound it out.

    Well, it is good to know that most do not believe the world will end. I guess I better make my food storage a little bigger... let's see.... Weed, weed, weed butter, rubbing alcohol, rice, water, and maybe some jello or something since I will have water ;) oh and I better not forget the TANG- the only powdered juice with nutrients.. (didn't ya know?)

    Throw in the old MRE's from the basement and I'm ready! Mmmm MRE's.
  18. Amen.
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    Yes friend I have been smoking it fills me with sarcasm but so far after after 30 years of partaking the kind I could never have come up with this deluded philosophy.

    Now this guy is a real piece of work he is David Icke. This is part one of his BS UTUBE clips I think he is in it for the $ since he has failed as a journalist and his WACKY theories have destroyed his creditability.
    So his new job is dooms day parasite. And many buy his books and fall for his BULL SHIT.....what a fucking moron he is.

    And what the hell has happened to common sense? I think it is becoming extinct. What a shameful disgrace:(

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctIpUmJjkAs"]David Ick [/ame]


  20. NASA - 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End?

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