2012 Presidential Election

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  1. ahh the kid is having a sleepover....like 6 five year old girls running around like a lord of the flies daycare...consider it pro bono work
  2. And then what will we have to watch on TV!


  3. ahahaha annie walker :D:D
  4. If you believe in peace and would like to see a US that makes love and not war then you have no choice but to
  5. Statists :rolleyes:

    Can you tell me what is negative about about an America with no IRS, CIA, FEMA, DEPT of Homeland Security or TSA?

    Paying taxes to feed a corrupt system of welfare and brown people being blown to bits in the Middle East- Ok. Paying taxes so the President can have an unconstitutional, private army at his disposal- Ok. Paying taxes to fund the salaries of aging, worthless bureaucrats and the destruction of our Constitutional rights- Ok.

    Speaking out against perpetual warfare and wasteful spending at a time we're $14 trillion in debt, our rights are being dissolved, and the Republic is falling apart- Treason :rolleyes:
  6. because everyone was lost and dying in the streets before we had these things..

    i mean who would protect us without all of these agencies?

    If we didn't have all of those bureaucracies, people would just wander around in circles with no direction.. nothing would ever get accomplished.
  7. Everyone knows if we didn't have the CIA, the terrorist ships would be offloading supplies and boots on the ground at NY Harbor. They probably would knock down the Statue of Liberty too.

    Do you hate America? You must be one of 'those' who apologizes for America's Greatness :p

  8. nah they would just wrap her head in a burqua and surround her with 15 kids to show the american harlots what a real woman should look like.:D
  9. But the FDA is keeping us all from dying of....nevermind....

    To fix food safety, bring back Wiley's poison squads. - Slate Magazine

    Listeria Deaths Rise To 16 Due To Tainted Cantaloupe | ThirdAge
  10. Ron probably, i mean when you think about it you will never get a candidate who will do one tenth of what they claim to so if brother Ron can get some cannabis legislature moving he will have done more for us than the last five presidents combined.

    i'm sure he can't screw things up anymore than congress has so it's a no brainer for me.
  11. Right now I'm feeling Ron Paul's the way to go, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney will definitely fuck everyone over if given the chance. Ron Paul's a little crazy but at least you know he'll actually try to do something different, I don't think he could do half the damage Bush did, and rather I expect him to make us all much more free.
  12. Dealing with a relative of his on a daily basis, I have good reason to believe that Mitt Romney has a deep,unexplored potential for complete crazy that we have only seen glimpses off so far.
  13. I could have told you that, just watch him during the debates. That creepy stare he gives the other candidates, I don't think that is some new tactic to win the election haha.

  14. I protect myself. Usually from your so-called "protectors".

    Humanity has managed for nearly 1.6 million years here on Earth before these institutions existed. When we take them away, SOME people will have problems, that's for sure. That's to be expected because these agencies cater to the fears of, and work towards the preservation of, the least common denominator of human society. Sorry, but there's a lot to be said for Natural Selection.

    Personally, I'd be happy as hell with a bow and arrow, hunting buffalo on the plains, but that's just me.
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    Why is he crazy? Is it really that unrealistic to imagine a society where individuals are self- sufficient; instead of having a society in which inviduals depend on a others(gubment) to provide everything for them, including housing, jobs, education, etc.

  16. That's the idea isn't it? We cater to a couple generations of people, remove their struggles and need for self-sufficiency, inundate them with propaganda and provide them only the very fringe of an education, effectively breeding an entire generation of morons to exploit. It's the next best thing to slavery! :hello:

  17. sounds a lot like this pile of shit
  18. I tell you what don't vote for obama. All he did was nothing for 4 years except talk and print a shitload of money or what he calls, "stimulus package".

    We don't need another 4 years of talking and more bullshit stimulus packages which decreases the value of the dollar.

  19. yeah ending wars is insane.. cutting foreign aid is insane.. ending the federal reserve is insane... leaving stuff up to the states is above all, insane. god forbid the federal government isn't involved in everything.. thats insane too i guess

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