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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been on this site since I quit smoking towards the end of last March. I haven't really been keeping up with the 2012 election, but wanted to know which candidates were pro marijuana, whether it be medical marijuana, decriminalization, legalization, etc. I know Ron Paul is pro Marijuana, but was wondering if any other candidates are.

    And if you were wondering why I quit smoking, it's because I've decided that I'm going to be a pilot and that's one job where you can't fail a drug test or have it in your hair or anything like that.
  2. The only other candidate I believe is Gary Johnson but I don't see him a successful candidate.

    Gary Johnson 2012: LIVE FREE - YouTube

  3. The only two I know of is Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. But I don't suspect either of them have much of a chance. Ron Paul certainly has a better chance than Johnson though, even though I believe that Johnson might be all around less crazy than Paul is. Ron Paul really wants a dangerously low amount of government interference in the world. But I'll vote for him anyway because what he proposes is better than what we have.

    Too bad it doesn't matter because a president has almost NO power. He's a mascot and that is all.

  4. But why would you vote for Ron Paul when he wont even be on the presidential ticket?

    If he does not stand for all that you believe in why just write a vote in and put the fate of America into more dangerous hands.

    My strategy is simple, but effective enough to make me feel good. We will have no other choice in 2012 besides Obama.

    It will be a Perry/Bachman or Perry/Romney ticket (though cain has been showing ground) vs Obama.

    During the primary I will vote for Ron Paul during the presidential Obama unless Ron Paul gets the nomination (which he wont)

    Obama still stands closest to what I believe, in a perfect world Hilary would run but that does not look like it is going to happen.

    Johnson is a loser, the only redeeming quality to him is his stance on evolution and global warming.. he for a conservative is at least willing to look at the science. Every single one of the other GOP candidates are pure trash hell bent on destroying public education, eliminating abortion, and giving to corporate interest all at the cost of the tax payer and american public health.

    To me the decision should be obvious. Obama must get another term, its not his policy that has caused the issues we see currently, a very stubborn house who has stated their only goal is to make Obama a 1 term president is indeed the problem, they do not work with the potus and block everything he attempts to move forward. With a house controlled by the Tea Party, America was bound for failure and it still is. That said, IF i had to vote a conservative (i never would) Gary would be the only one I'd be willing to vote for. Ron Paul is not and never will be a Conservative.

    Throwing ANY candidates thoughts on cannabis to the side must be done so as to not allow our enjoyment of the herb to deter us from making the correct vote.

    I get so mad when I see people say, vote for ron paul weed will be legal.. no it wont..it will be controlled by the state (the law on drugs) we will have individual "christian" states pop up with severe penalty and restriction on any type of drug, and we will have "hippie" states pop up where anything goes. His "stance" (he is anti cannabis himself) only polarizes the issue further.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSnnUC8-y4Y]Gov. Mitt Romney ignores a medical marijuana patient--Oct. 6 - YouTube[/ame] DON'T vote for mitt romney if for legalization or even medical use.
  6. You would probably get more benefit out of watching Dancing With the Stars. No matter what these people want, once they step into the office, they will realize how little power they really have.

    Hope can be found on the State level. There are some good reps out there still. These are the people we need to reach out to. It won't happen at the Federal level.
  7. aside from ron paul's views on cannabis the rest of his policys are either imposible or just crazy. im almost certain 90% of the people i see that say vote ron paul are doing it for the soul reason of his stance on weed, "screw the rest of his insane ideas he likes pot!!!"
  8. Yeah because shrinking government and giving states rights back are foolish concepts...
  9. He wants to do away with important government agencies like the FDA...he thinks businesses should do whatever they want and if they happen to poison you then you sue them (providing you're still alive)..what we need is balance since pure capital (what ron paul suggests) and pure command don't work...I'm also voting for obama because he is the only one somewhat close to the middle on the scale
  10. The OP is talking about pro legalization candidates, why would you bring these 2 names into the conversation?
  11. sub'd so i can lurk and watch the failstorm
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    Why vote at all? Your vote won't change the outcome of the election no matter who you vote for.

    Paul is the best choice for president. He's less dangerous than anyone else running.

    So, why vote at all? Obama is still imprisoning practically anyone even involved with cannabis, across the country, including people involved with medical marijuana establishments.

    I will bet you money that Perry won't even be on the ticket.

    They both sanction mass murder. In a perfect world, leaders wouldn't sanction mass murder.

    Not Ron Paul.

    TL;DR: Obama (who sanctions mass murder) must be elected because Republicans are bad.

    The Tea Party does not control the house.

    You're right. The imprisonment of tens of thousands of people every year in the US is not important at all when it comes to electing the president of the US. The mass murdering of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. is also not important, right?

    Which is better than what happens now. :laughing:

    Imagine no more DEA locking people up and raiding people's houses. How many less people would be locked up in federal prisons every year if Paul was president?


    The FDA is what keeps cannabis (and other psychedelics) from being prescribed by doctors.

    Obama sanctions murder, is anti-cannabis & against gay marriage. Obama is a corporatist/fascist.

  13. husky42 if you take nothing else from the schooling kstigs just leveled at you it should be this^^.

    vote obama, vote police state. vote obama, vote assassination of US citizens. vote obama, vote prison industry. vote obama, vote endless war. vote obama, vote wall street.

    vote ron paul, vote peace, liberty, and property
  14. Ya it’s not like he wants to dissolve the department of energy, the department of education, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Interstate Commerce Commission, the Internal Revenue Service , and deeply slash the Central Intelligence Agency, and pretty much deregulate every thing he posibly can…….oh wait nvm he does.

  15. i know. isn't he just the coolest????
  16. id go more with something like insane, but thats just me.

  17. sound money, liberty, limited government, non-interventionist foreign policy, self ownership, natural rights, constitutional rule of law....

    seems to me he is the only candidate that isn't insane.
  18. Because privatizing and deregulating everything always work out so well.

    By the way how are your private prisons doing? You know the ones that cram 4-5 people to a one person cell because thieve been so deregulated that it’s not illegal anymore.
  19. so much fail...where to begin

    first off don't confuse the terms "privatize" with "free market" to privatize an industry is to take something that the govenment has a monopoly on (by force) and give it to a pet company so they can have a monopoly on it (by government force). in a free market any who wanted to, could provide a service. i think people should be able to choose whom to do business with...so does ron paul

    the only thing that regulations really do well is raise the cost of doing business, thereby keeping competitors out of the industry. this is government protecting the established leaders of any given industry...provided of course that the appropriate campaign donations (graft) keep coming. i believe that any person who wants to provide a service to people should be able to and as long as his customers are happy he should be left alone...so does ron paul

    and your final jab is a blind emotional appeal that is rooted in myopic fantasy. if we had the constitutional rule of law that Ron Paul advocates there would not be 4-5 persons per cell and most prisons would go out of business ,certainly the "private" ones. because victim-less crimes would not....well...be crimes. (this is the legalization portion of the forum somebody hit me with the percentage of incarcerated persons for drugs, drug manufacture, drug sales, etc.) i believe that all voluntary relationships between consenting adults must be allowed....so does ron paul
  20. Spikoli, kstigs, come on I know you guys got better things to do with your time.

    Explaining the principles of sound money and a free market to Obama supporters is like explaining quantum theory (as it relates to suborbital propulsion mechanisms) to Bachmann.

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