2012 End of the world (and I feel fine) grow

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  1. Howdy GC gang!

    I am eazing into another grow this year. We are enjoying an early spring here in Oklahoma,,,,sooo I decided to experiment with a freebie seed, I planted the seed on 03/06, it germed on 03/08 so now I am babying this little girl, and looking forward of a fine day in september!

    The lil girl is a DinaFem "Blue Widow" so I have the Skunk wisperer down in the basement serenading her.

    in the line up a little later in the season will be: Barney's farm -Red dragon; GHS-Himalayan gold; GHS- Train wreck; GHS-Great White Shark.

    More posts and updates to follow (I hope).

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  2. Nice one.
    My Blue widow freebie is just finishing up outdoors down here :)
    Fast grower, smells nice too.
    Good luck with your grow !!
    All your strains are well chosen
  3. Love the title of this thread. Good luck with everything. Hope DinaFem has good genetics.

    check out my grow

  4. Thanks for showing interest in this years grow! I hope yours finishes well for you! please smoke report the " Blue widow" when ya can.
  5. Nice man, I got my plants next to my amp for the moment so I serenade them myself sometimes hahaha. Subbed, keep the pics comin.
  6. Hey Infiniti, thanks for the feedback Amigo!...the title is a hint to my personal thoughts on all the hype about the " end times"!?!. Anywho...glad its spring again...my 2011 grow burned up after a couple months of extreme heatwave...I am ready this season with a 55gal diy irrigation set up that will hydrate the grow via a water-timer. In oklahoma the rule is "hard winter followed by hard summer", conversly "mild winter =mild summer" we have had very mild winter, so it should be a good year!;)
    I am headed over to your grow journal next!:smoke:
  7. Good morning Chemist!...serenade those babies! talk to em! sing to them! learn from them! they are a blessing from The Creator! :wave:

  8. No worries , and cheers so far so good for me :)
    Unfortunantly i used my blue widow in a breeding experiment, so the smoke wont be as good as it could have been :(
    Ill still let you know if it does the job though haha.

    Good job with the self watering system, looking forward to seeing how that goes !
  9. ...the self watering system...

    the system is a mod of "Old porks" post on a system he cobbled together the only diff is the capacity 55gal. this will only be used if we have a replay of last summer...I will post pics of it when things get final set up out on the prarie.
  10. Here's the latest addition to the grow.

    Top/middle= GHS-TrainWreck the colored coated seed has me wondering if the coating will hinder the plant from unfurling itself!?!? (feedback anyone with experience).

    The bottom/right is Barney's farm-Red Dragon planted 03/12, sprouted 03/15.:hello:

    The pretty lil' girl Dinafem's, Blue Widow, thriving thanks to GC wisdom.


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  11. Hahaha the title made me laugh, so here I is. :wave:

    Also, I'm a big fan of GHS! :D
  12. Serenade them Pepe!
  13. Honored with your visit Buzz!

    any idea's about the colored seed popping itself free!?? I don't want to screw it up by fiddling with it... its been like that for 48hrs.:confused:
  14. Two grows back I did the GHS color wheel H. TW, GWS, LS, Cheese, and WR. I loved the outcome.

    Now to your question. Is the bean in soil? Is it at least part of the way coming off? If so:

    With a steady hand, take a toothpic and GENTLY pry off the hood to help her out a little.

    If she is still all enclosed, I would suggest giving a little heat. I always germ mine in a tupper ware container, (don't close the lid entirely to allow for oxygen and prevent rot) in a damp paper towel, placed on top of the tv or fridge. I put a towel over the container to cut the light, and wait until I see the taproot showing. Then I put it into the soil.

    I hope this helps. :smoke:
  15. ThanX Buzz! ...the seedling had cracked enough by this morning to help the hood off...now look at her!:hello:
    Once again. wisdom imparted from the good folks on GC!...and this "FNG" is a little sharper as well!


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  16. :hello::D Good to see she made it with a little help from her friend :smoke: She'a a cutie!

  17. Update time!

    Ole' Peppe ain't sing'n the blues today!...he's all smiles about the arrival of a Himalayan Gold sprout.

    The Trainwreck is starting to "feel the vibe"! ...as the Red Dragon and Blue Widow are!

    this is how its going down this year...10 gal smart pots with green hardware cloth fence protecting them (cut top so its sharp and stickery) the fence also a good tie down point as well.


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  18. Lookin nice man
  19. One in the middle looks great.
  20. ThanX Chemist! :wave:
    Thats the Blue widow...i don't know if you can see it but the first single serrated leaves are yellowing slightly... probably due to over watering...I'll be letting them almost dry out and then drench, repeat....

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