2010bc glass?

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    I was bored and ended up looking at some 2010bc glass. Never heard of them before but their stuff looks unbelievable. I'm making close to $2000 this summer so... :rolleyes:



    Edit: Edited out the link to just show the pictures. If that's still not cool feel free to delete this thread.
  2. You can't post competitors' links but I like #1 better.
  3. jesus christ i cant even contemplate how that thing works. you dont even know how envious i would be if you got that. if i had it i wouldnt let anyone touch it, itd practically be a shame to smoke out of it
  4. yo i own a 2010bc bong...has the circ perc in it...amazing quality, rips hard and fast...in love with the piece. definitely a good investment
  5. Since I'd like to have a new piece sooner than later, I'm thinking about this now. Will run me around $350.




  6. if you have to insert that huge connection with both pieces its a bad idea. probably real easy to be break, kinda like the illadelph coil condenser..too easy to chip
  7. yee, and if u look on other forums you will see that the big ass joint is not actually functional, it sort of just there for asthetic purposes, so really your still stuck with an 18.8 joint between the two pieces...
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to head to my local headshop on Saturday and see what they have. If nothing else, how does this look?


    Height: 14.5 inches Tall
    Top Hat Perk with 48 Grids
    Inverted Splash Guard
    Ice Pinches
    60 mm Bottom Tube Chamber
    60 mm Top Hat Chamber
    38 mm Mouth Piece Tube
    18/18 mm Gridded Downstem with 2010bc Label
    18 mm Ice Pinch Slide with 2010bc Label Included

  9. thats the exact piece i own...dude i love that piece and it rips hard and its a great size. i think that piece is worth every penny

  10. Looks dannnnnkkkkk!!!!! id love to see some more pics/footage of 2010bc's stuff. I demand a milkvid! lol ive never seen anyone hit a 2010 b4

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