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  1. ya man that light bulb is a ripoff and a half.i have close to 200 watts of cfls with 4 bulbs and 4 sockets and that cost me about 60 bucks. so your gonna spend over half that for just the bulb. besides that camper already posted a link to get a twice the power with the ballast bulb and reflector and you'll have over 30 bucks left over. that bulb is just the stupidest thing ever.
  2. well i'm lookin for an alternate light source than hid's cause i'm limited on what i can do cooling wise, but thanks for the input i'll keep lookin, btw i'm growin in a 4ft high,4ft wide 2 1/2ft deep growspace no options for cooling and holding at 86*f with no outside are comin in and no option to exhaust hot air
  3. Yes but they are wayyyy overpriced.

    you can get the 300w version for $28 bucks, it comes with the 300w compact flourescent security light.
  4. Buy a couple of computer fans and cut holes in your box you gotta exchange the air or your plants cant breathe at least get some fresh air commin in computer fans are cheap and efficent. pm me if you have any questions
  5. I spent months researching which lights to use for my grow. I have a rather large operation with two different area's and 26 sites. For obvious reasons I liked the ideal of using Floro tubes and I was able to acheive great results for the first 2 months of vegging. Growth rates were incredible in both hydo and soil applications.

    My girls grew to about 2ft. in height with fat stems, tight nodes and great dark green colors. Naturally I was amazed at the effectiveness & effeciency of the floro set-up.

    Excited to start the flowering process, I went on-line and tediously searched for bigger & better lights. After reviewing several different maufacturer's, I went with a commercial fixture. I bought two, 200W CFL's with built in ballast & mogul (E39) bases.
    I then bought the mogul bases at a local supply store(much cheaper in price).

    The bulbs arrived, I plugged them up and stared with amazement. Damn they were bright. Within 24hrs. they were broken! One of the bulbs just flat out quit working. I assume that the bulb blew out. The 2nd bulb literally fell apart at the mogul base. I just lost $200 in bulbs and three weeks of time.


    Most companies will NOT refund your money for these types of bulbs. The reason is because there are too many factors that can cause the bulbs to stop working. While CFL technology has grown in strides, there are still many logistics to work out with the High Output CFL's. Consider using lower wattage CFL's, multiple flourescent tubes or HID lighting until these problems are addressed by the manufacturer's.
  6. or maybe two or three 150w hid's. these don't put out too much heat at all.

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